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Galen or hippocraties

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History homework Which was more important in medical history, Hypocrites or Galen? Hypocrites I believe hypocrites was one of the most important men in medical history, this is so because he made so many developments in medical science that people were using his studies for centuries past his time. Hypocrites is known as a brilliant man because he made helping people his life, through no wanted merit for his work. He was so important because he was the first man to challenge the theory of the gods and not totally rely on the gods for treatment as they did in those Greek times, they believed that the god's controlled everyone's health and well being, but hypocrites didn't which lead to him truly beginning to discover and research into the real reasons of diseases and illness. He did this by carefully examining each patient and recording exact symptoms, no one before him had truly recorded their work, but Hypocrites rightly saw fit to record them and realised the importance so he could look back on his finding's and treatments for future reference on patients with the same illnesses, which lead to him curing them effectively. ...read more.


In fact he was the first man to successfully challenge hypocrites work, and completely change medical science again with another yet another theory. Galen started his study in medicine at the age of 16. He spent a large part of his life at gladiator school, and due to the broken bones and stab wounds he encountered in patients, he learned a lot about treatments and anatomy. When Galen was 33 he travelled to Rome and quickly rose up in the medical profession too became the emperor's doctor. He followed the main ideas of hypocrites, and realised the importance of recording his work like hypocrites had, and used the balanced four humours theory of hypocrites, but also began to develop some ideas of his own. These ideas were theories Such as the treatment of opposites; he believed that instead of treating a humour being out of balance by taking it away, he instead believed that you could counter it with the opposite. For example, instead of using the theory (If you have a nose bleed, then bleed the person with leeches) he instead would counter it, an example would be if you had to much phlegm (sneezing etc) ...read more.


Of course it was Hypocrites that began in the findings and first made the massive breakthrough, and Hypocrites was the soul basis of Galen's work, Hypocrites was the first major building block in medical science, so maybe he was more important in that respect, but Galen still made three massive discoveries, where no-one else could, and Galen's theories are the closest that we live by today. Of course Galen had a lot more equipment and a lot better tools, hypocrites had to improvise with the very poor conditions that he had. Although Galen had worked for his position and was no lay about, living of another mans hard work, by no means. So this is why I think both men should deserve to be equally important, Hypocrites went against everybody's beliefs and was the soul building blocks for medical science coming up with an amazing theory, that amazed people all over, maybe if Galen was in that time that he could have done the same? But Galen also made amazing discoveries, and also was the first to challenge hypocrites' theories for hundreds of years. Both were truly brilliant men, and I think it will be never be known who is more important, because I believe both were equally important to the development into medical science. ...read more.

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