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GCSE Coursework: The Holocaust

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James Wilmshurst 30/11/2004 10S GCSE Coursework: The Holocaust Question 1 In Germany in 1939 Jews were discriminated against in many ways. The turning point of the Nazi's hatred was underlined in late 1938 on 9th November. A Jew had killed a German diplomat in Paris because he was angry at the way his parents had been treated by the Nazi's. So, on 9th November Josef Goebbels used this incident as an excuse to start a riot. This riot was to prove key in the Nazi's war against Jews. Police and the SA began to destroy Jewish shops, homes and synagogues throughout Germany, 7000 Jewish businesses were wrecked, between 20000 and 30000 were arrested and put in concentration camps and nearly 200 synagogues were destroyed, but, surprisingly, only 90 were killed. These 3 nights were later named 'Kristallnacht' meaning Crystal Night. After Kristallnacht discrimination got much, much worse. Anybody of Jewish religion were expelled from German schools, and the same for university students and made to go and learn at Jewish only schools/universities. Jews were also forced to sell their business to Aryans for very low prices. ...read more.


When the Jews arrived 75% were taken to the gas chamber, the rest were saved from immediate death and used as slaves. In the spring of 1943 some of the Jews that had been captured, took the initiative through a number of means to resist the mass slaughter. 'Ghetto Fighters' took on Nazi's in a number of camps at Warsaw, Bialystok and Vilnius. Some Jews created hiding places for themselves and their families, others took their chance and fled to the forests. In the winter of 1944-1945 the Germans retreated from Eastern Europe taking any inmates that were able to walk with them. Tens of thousands were made to march, even though starving, thirsty and weak. It was a particularly cold winter, as a result of this many prisoners fell on the roadside to their death, or they were shot by SS guards. Apporxiamtely 500,00 Jews alone died from 1939-1945. Towards the end of 1944 Allied forces were making their way into German Occupied territory, Russian troops were first to discover the atrocities of Poland in late 1944, in early 1945 British and American forces were pressing from the West and made swift advances in March. ...read more.


But the location of this state was already inhabited by Arabs, and, like everybody else, they didn't want millions of Jews walking into their homeland, this place was called Palestine. So this intended solution to their problem, just caused a new problem, the Jews and the Arabs were beginning to fight over Palestine. The Jews were also angry at Britain because after the war Britain had promised to give them a homeland in Palestine, but Britain never helped them get it, the Americans did. The Jewish were now making attacks on British holiday resorts to get their own back for not helping them into Palestine. Because of the persistent fighting between the Arabs and the Jews (the Arabs usually won) the United Nations decided to split Palestine in two, to make Palestine and Israel. Arabs to live in Palestine and Jews to live in Israel. I don't think the setting up of Israel was a very good idea, because one problem sorted just led to another problem, and even more fighting. It seems that the United Nations didn't care much for the Arabs, nobody wanted to have the Jews in their country, so what on earth made them think the Arabs would take it so lightly? ...read more.

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