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Government and Politics Personal Statement

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I have realised how powerful the influence of Government and Politics is across the world, and as a subject it has captured my attention. I have learnt that there are very few places that are untouched by political power. Through witnessing events such as September 11th, I have come to believe that politics is far too significant to overlook. One aspect of politics that intrigues me is international relations, because of its global implications. I am particularly fascinated by the relationships that exist between governments, for example the position that the USA adopts on foreign policy. ...read more.


I am enthusiastic to extend my political understanding; I find reading the works of Anthony Giddens provides a strong indicator of the ideological future of politics. I also enjoy novels by Robert Harris, whose combination of political fact and fiction produces a gripping plot and an insight into the reactions of everyday individuals to their political surroundings. By taking part in work experience at the Labour Party HQ of Ben Bradshaw MP I was able to see how politics functions in practice, and experience all the daily operations that take place inside a political centre. ...read more.


I learnt how to present a product in the professional world by partaking in many crucial meetings with major South West businesses, 28 of whom we convinced to invest �8,600 into our project through advertising. I look forward to using the communication skills I have gained to help present my arguments at university in an effective and confident manner. I am continuing to learn new skills in the business world, as a few team members and I have now have taken on running the company ourselves, as a private business enterprise. Through studying politics I want to continue to learn in a friendly environment, contributing to university life in every way that I can; engaging myself in debate, discussion and an active social life. ...read more.

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