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Government - seperation of the three branches of government

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´╗┐Carpenter Colby Carpenter Government Coach Coffey 6 November 2012 Monster, Fact . "The Three branches of government." 3 Mar. 2008. Fact monster. 6 Nov. 2012. <http://www.factmonster.com/ipka/A0774837.html>. The Government Government is the agency or instrument through which the will of the state is formulated, expressed and realized. The functions of government are mainly three: legislation or making of laws, execution or administration of laws, and interpretation of laws in individual cases. Corresponding to these functions, there are three distinct organs or branches of government- the legislature, the executive and the judiciary. ...read more.


In all modem states, these organs are more or less related and dependent, and each exercises powers, which strictly belong to the others. Everywhere, the legislature has some control over the executive and judiciary. The executive has some initiative and some influence in the making of laws. It also exercises some judicial powers. Justice Holmes said: Judges "do and must make laws". Legislative and executive branches cannot be completely separated in parliamentary democracies. Some cooperation among the three branches is necessary for the smooth functioning of government. ...read more.


The law making function constitutes the concrete expression of the sovereignty of the state. Upon the basis of this, the other two branches, the executive and the judiciary, work. In a democracy the legislature has been described as ?the nations? committee of grievances, and its congress of opinions. According to Leacock, "By legislature, we mean a body of elected representatives of the people, whose main function is to deliberate, discuss and make laws." Therefore, we should be very careful who we elect into these positions in the government and only choose people that have the right qualifications to make decisions for the American people. ...read more.

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