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Hillary CLinton

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Alexander Harding Civics 3B 11/16/07 Hillary Rodham Clinton I. Background A. Youth 1. Hillary Clinton was born on, October 26, 1947 2. She was born at Edgewater Hospital in Chicago, Illinois 3. Her Parents were Hugh Ellsworth Rodham (father) and Dorothy Emma Howell Rodham (mother) 4. As a child, Hillary Rodham was involved in many activities at church and at her public school in Park Ridge. She participated in tennis and other sports and earned awards as a Brownie and Girl Scout. She attended Maine East High School, where she participated in student council, the debating team and the National Honor Society. For her senior year she was redistricted to Maine South High School, where she was a National Merit Finalist and graduated in 1965. Her parents encouraged her to pursue the career of her choice. 5. Hillary Clinton's picture, on the other hand, looks like she was ripped out of some black and white commercial for a house cleaning product. B. Adult 1. She has a husband named Bill Clinton and a daughter named Chelsea Clinton. 2. In 1965, Rodham enrolled in Wellesley College, where she majored in political science. ...read more.


C. Hillary Clinton's most important Victory was she most has received over a dozen awards and honors during her career, from both American and international organizations, for her activities concerning health, women, and children. Her biggest mistake was the Health Care, because Some health care analysts are also likely to fault the Task Force for not being bold enough in its recommendations. "The biggest mistake they can make is not to take advantage of public goodwill to make radical reform," says Dr. Phillip Caper, Professor of Public Policy at Dartmouth Medical School and lecturer on Health Policy and Management at Harvard University. "There's a chance the plan will be too timid," he says. A lack of boldness would be apparent, Dr. Caper tells HCQ, if the Administration proposes new taxes to pay for reform. "If they have to increase taxes, they're missing an opportunity to use resources efficiently. We're already paying too much for health care." . III. Values/ Principles 1? 1998: Unforeseen turning point when Moynihan resigned. 2? Voted with Democratic Party 96.7% of 304 votes. 3? Rove is obsessed with me because I take them on & beat them. ...read more.


politicians do something. 2. No to Licenses for Illegals- Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton on Wednesday came out against granting driver's licenses to illegal immigrants, after weeks of pressure in the presidential race to take a position on a now-failed ID plan from her home state governor. Clinton has faced criticism from candidates in both parties for her noncommittal answers on New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer's attempt to allow illegal immigrants in his state to receive driver's licenses. Spitzer abandoned the effort Wednesday. B. Foreign 1. China: criticized authoritarianism with women & children. 2. Voted YES on enlarging NATO to include Eastern Europe. VII. Campaign 1. Hillary's Campaign finance has raised $26,082,347, spent $22,623,680 and cash on Hillary is $50,463,013. 2. She's gone steadily downhill since she announced, and at this rate, Joe Biden and Chris Dodd will be ahead of her in a few months. One key reason may be that her 'team' may not be used to working in Democratic primaries and never expected any real opposition this time. They simply don't know how to deal with the nuances of a primary, as we can see in what's happened to her ratings. ...read more.

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