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Hollywood vs. History - The 1972 film 1776 is a cute whimsical musical.

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Evan Feist AP American History Summer Assignment Choice I: Hollywood vs. History The 1972 film 1776 is a cute whimsical musical. Yet, although it is entertaining and fun, it is not a very good source of historical information. It has a lot of the events and people, but they are extremely exaggeration to be comical and are very vague and brief with events. It exists with the sole purpose of being a light amusing historical lesson. There were many of historical events that did occur during that time that were portrayed in the film. A lot of them were an exaggeration, but truth-based. The most obvious event was the actual writing and signing of the Declaration of Independence. It was depicted accurately in that it was written by Thomas Jefferson and redrafted by John Adams and Benjamin Franklin. ...read more.


There were many problems that the Continental Congress had to overcome to finally declare independence. First of all, Adams had to persuade the Congress to even let him debate the theory of independence. He is always complaining that Congress is always focusing on the frivolous details while the big picture is a mess. One of the more entertaining arguments was with a song called "The Egg". Jefferson, Adams, and Franklin compare the Independence of America to the birth of a bird. But over Jefferson's dove and Franklin's turkey they agree on Adams' eagle to be the national bird. If that wasn't enough, once they finally put together a draft of the Declaration to present to Congress, Edward Rutledge asks that the slavery abolishment be removed and after A LOT of deliberation, the clause had to be stricken to persuade the southern colonies to sign. ...read more.


Thomas Jefferson is most remembered for having writing the Declaration of Independence. He was also the third President as well as an apostle of agrarian democracy. A formal declaration was necessary so it was in writing and therefore couldn't be changed on the spot by whoever wanted to. Also, it was the way to spread the word so the people of this new nation would know their civil liberties and other countries would recognize America as an independent nation. The formal declaration is witnessed and signed and sealed so it is acknowledged as legitimate. This film can only be described as part spectacle and part historical comedy. It shows the problematic long and grueling process that it took so Americans can enjoy the rights that they have today. Overall, it was a good film to show to preteens so they can have an idea of what happened while being entertained. That's what the movie is for, to make learning fun. ...read more.

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