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How democratic is the Labour party's organisation? & Does it matter?

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How Democratic is the Labour Party Organisation & Does it Matter? The organisation of the Labour party today is very different from what it used to be like as 'old labour'. In this day and age the party is structured so that it seemly is very democratic and that everyone gets a chance to have a say in the decisions its makes. However as Diane Abbott said "the forums are a smoke screen for autocratic decision making". In other words the system is less democratic then the masses are lead to believe. This is thanks to the system that was set up by Blair specifically made so that all decisions would be made by the elite. ...read more.


Whether it has been listen to or not is a completely different matter. The policies are created by the NPF (Who is headed by the party leader) they then go through a number of layers of the party system each policy being deliberated at each layer until finally the revised policies are sent back to the NPF for consideration. It is at this point that it is Questionable on the level of democracy in the labour party as the NPF and the NEC have the right and the power to ignore suggestions by the other layers if they so wish. ...read more.


matter as proved by the past version of the labour party, they were unelectable while the masses had control of its policy making. I feel that as these people have been trained to understand just what the electorate wants and so the finale say should be in them as they know what's best for the party and the rest of the country. This I feel is the best system however I feel that this is not what should be publicised as it could potentially cause allot of disruption that is why I feel that the 'smokescreen' of the appearance of lots of people getting their say is a good one while the true elitists make the decisions underneath. ...read more.

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