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How does the Seperation of Powers work within the American Constitution?

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How does the Seperation of Powers work within the American Constitution? When the founding fathers wrote the Constitution they came up with a revolutionary idea which is known as the seperation of powers. This incorperated a system which protected the principles on which the constitution was based, such as avoiding tyranny and forming a more perfect union. The way the seperation of powers work is known as vertical and horizontal. The vertical seperation of powers has three different branches, the Federal government, the state governments and the much smaller local governments. The local governments consist of a mayor, councils and county courts, these would ytake care of things such as legislation on parking offences and littering. ...read more.


All three of the above braches have another three branches, these are the executive, legislature and the judiciary. All three use a system known as Checks and Balances, this allows one of the the branches to be watched over and checked on by the other two branches . This works well as the Supreme Courtprotects the constitution by ruling on whether or not a bill is constitutional or unconstitutional. There are downsides to the Checks and Balances as was seen in 1995 during the Appropreations Crisis when government shut down for two weeks as Congress and the, then, President Clinton could not agree over the Appropreations Bill. There is also the Line Item Veto which came from the Appropreation's Crisis, this allowed the Presidentto veto sentences or paragraphsthat he did not like, this was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court even though it made for more effective government. ...read more.


The seperation of powers was, and still is a revoluntionary idea as it has changed the world and the in which it is run, it has been adopted and has adapted through out time yet the American system would seem to be the best around. As expected the system is not perfect as there are for powers can be given or taken by certain branches but thereare ays in which these can be eversed. Roosevelt's Ne Deal took some powers away from the states but over the years these have gradually been given back to the states by various President's. The Checks and Balances have stood strong since their inception and have protected the constitution and the rights of the American people. ...read more.

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