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How does William Shakespeare represent different aspects of love through relationships in

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Winston Churchill was a key figure in the Second World War. Britain relied on him to make the crucial decisions in war time. He was born in Blenheim Palace, Woodstock and later educated at Harrow. Before becoming Prime Minister, Churchill was part of the army and had been in battles in India. In 1904 Churchill then decided to join the Liberal party and six years later, Herbert Asquith promoted Churchill to the president of the Board of trade. In this job he had quickly made changes to the employment exchanges. In the elections that same year Churchill again promoted to Home secretary, where again he quickly made changes, to the prison system. ...read more.


However from joining this party in 1929 the Conservative government lost office because of Ramsay MacDonald who was part of the National Government. Even in Churchill's own party people thought he was a right winged extremist and was not invited to join the cabinet. So he had no other choice but to take a break and concentrate on his literature. While not into politics Churchill constantly warned people about the threat of Nazi Germany, however nobody seemed to take any notice. When World War II started Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain made Churchill the first lord of the admiralty. In May 1940 Chamberlain resigned and Churchill became Prime Minister. ...read more.


This was just one of the major attacks that would secure a victory for the Allies and Britain. Churchill was partly responsible for the D-Day landings and the public in Britain grew in faith as Britain was now actually starting to defeat Germany. In the war Churchill was in his seventies and was starting to lose his energy. The public in Britain then started to vote for social reform and backed the Labour Government. In 1946 Churchill visited the United States and made the famous Iron Curtain speech in Missouri. Later that year Churchill had the first of many strokes but the public did not know about this at the time and was re-elected as Prime Minister in 1951. In 1953 Churchill got the Nobel Prize for Literature. Then in 1955 resigned and later died on January 24th 1965. ...read more.

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