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How good a president was Bill Clinton? William "Bill" Clinton was the 42nd President of the United States from 1993 to 2001. He ran for

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How good a president was Bill Clinton? William "Bill" Clinton was the 42nd President of the United States from 1993 to 2001. He ran for the Democrats against incumbent President George Bush, who had been deemed 'unbeatable' after the Persian Gulf conflict. However, his approval ratings feel from 80% to just over 40% by the time of the general election. Clinton's election campaign was dogged with allegations of affairs, drug-use and shady business deals, but Clinton stood firm by refusing to withdraw from the election. He un-expectantly won with 42.9% of the vote. There were three main factors that contributed to Clinton's election victory; first, the campaign came in the midst of the recession of 1992. The resulting job loss fuelled strong discontent with Bush. Clinton was perceived as sympathetic, concerned, and more in touch with ordinary families. Second was the decision by Bush to accept a tax increase. ...read more.


Clinton's job approval rating varied over the course of his first term, ranging from a low of 36% in 1993, to a high of 64% in 1993. Bill Clinton was triumphantly re-elected president in 1996 and his job approval rating consistently ranged from the high 50s to the high 60s in his second term, with a high of 73% approval in 1998 and 1999. However, when he was a leaving, a poll found only 45 percent said they would miss him, while 55 percent thought he "would have something worthwhile to contribute and should remain active in public life". During his time as president, his domestic priorities included efforts to create a universal healthcare system, upgrade education, to restrict handgun sales, to improve race relations, and to protect the jobs of workers. His domestic agenda also included more conservative themes such as reforming welfare programs, expanding the "War on Drugs", and increasing law enforcement funding. ...read more.


The economic boom ended shortly before his term ended. Whilst the Democrats look upon this time with pride, the Republicans claim it had little to do with Clinton and more to do with the creativity and productivity of American companies. Clinton, however, did pass legislation and negotiate trade agreements that helped the American economy thrive. In 1998, as a result of issues surrounding personal indiscretions with a young woman White House intern, Clinton was the second U.S. president to be impeached by the House of Representatives. He was tried in the Senate and found not guilty of the charges brought against him. He apologised to the nation for his actions and continued to have unprecedented popular approval ratings for his job as president. However Clinton was then impeached as President of the United by the House of Representatives on four counts. The charges were perjury, suborning perjury, and obstruction of justice arising from the Lewinsky testimony. The House passed two of the four counts. ?? ?? ?? ?? Clara Widdison ...read more.

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