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How Important Was the Holocaust in the Establishment of an Independent State of Israel?

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How Important Was the Holocaust in the Establishment of an Independent State of Israel? The purpose of this essay is to show how important or insignificant the holocaust was in the establishment of the independent state of Israel. The independent state of Israel was founded on the 14th of May 1948. There were many reasons for this but the key catalyst in the founding was the holocaust. Although the holocaust was a terrible time for the Jewish people and it shall for ever remain in their history it was probably one of the main reasons for the founding of the independent state of Israel. The Jewish people had been searching for a homeland ever since biblical times. ...read more.


Some many years later once the American colonies had been founded a movement commonly known as Zionism was recognised amongst Jews as an ideal for finding 'their homeland'. This ideal was founded in the 19th century. Once world war one had finished the battle for Palestine was won over by the British with the help of Jews in that area. In 1917 the Balfour declaration was signed showing that the British supported Zionism. As a result of World War 1 Palestine became a British mandatory area of land. As a result of the British supporting Zionism many Jews immigrated to Palestine. At the beginning of World War 2 the Jewish people knew that they were going to go through tough times because of their treatment pre-war. ...read more.


The Arabs didn't want the Jewish people settling there despite what had just gone on. Even in the late 1960's Egypt was prepared to launch an attack on Palestine due to rich Nazis, who were there under the Odessa project, controlling munitions factories. So in short the holocaust was the key factor in the establishment of the independent state of Israel. The Jews history was of course also a key factor but the holocaust speeded the process up. War was of course a catalyst as well because the holocaust would not have happened without the war. The Jewish people have remained discontented throughout history and although they have their own homeland nobody can forget the atrocities that went on during the holocaust. ...read more.

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