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Ideological Disagreements in US Politics

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´╗┐Zakki Augustus Hill September 26, 2012 Intro to American Politics Dr. R.A. Hopkins Reflection Essay #1 An ideology is a system of social beliefs: a closely organized system of beliefs, values, and ideas forming the basis of a social, economic, or political philosophy or program. Ideological differences were often thought to reflect American? different views on the proper role of the government in the economy. The economy is not the only area in which people are divided on the role of government, because among other things, they are also divided on the government?s role in capital punishment, taxes, and abortion. ...read more.


Conservatives like to have boundaries established through taxes. For example, conservatives want everyone to be able to have healthcare, and they believe that through taxes, everyone can be covered. Liberals would be more likely to oppose the general idea of taxes. A liberalist would most likely argue that if someone wants healthcare, they should pay for it like the rest of the country. One of the most controversial topics for over a century, abortion remains a constant item on both republican and democratic platforms. Liberals believe a woman shouldn't be forced to have a child she doesn't want, especially if she is raped. ...read more.


the government to step in, and liberals want the government to stay out of it and allow people to make their own choices. People disagreeing on hot topics are bound to happen and is not likely to be resolved at any point in time. Much like same-sex marriage, the government is more likely to step in and intervene once they know that the strength in numbers is on their side. Popular sovereignty appears to be the game here in the United States. What this means for American ideology is that until a majority opinion is reached, the government will remain on the fence until we as the people of the United States decide what is going to make us happy. ...read more.

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