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In 1993 the Israelis and the Palestine Arab signed a peace agreement. It failed because of long-term events. Like the 'Six Day War' and the creation of Israel in 1948.

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Simon Darke 11L3 Question 2 In 1993 the Israelis and the Palestine Arab signed a peace agreement. It failed because of long-term events. Like the 'Six Day War' and the creation of Israel in 1948. Arafat, the leader of the P.L.O, agreed to fight against the Palestinian terrorists, or help the Israelis gain security and Rabin, the prime minister of Israel, agreed to pull back from Gaza and the West Bank or give the Palestinians land or automany. On the May 14th 1948 the Jewish State of Israel was made. The Arab countries around Israel, or Palestine, did not accept this and attacked Israel the next day. The Israelis defended the country very well and managed to attack the Arab armies and increase their land by a quarter. Three quarters of a million Arabs had to flee their homes in Palestine because of this attack. This gained the Israelis security but it was only temporary. ...read more.


This caused the 1993 peace agreement because the Arabs had lost the support of the Palestinians; they had put their trust in the P.L.O and had even more Palestinians under Israeli control. The Israelis were now surrounded by enemies and had gained an enemy, the P.L.O. Another event that caused the 1993 Peace agreement was the building of Israeli settlements on captured Arab land. More Jewish people immigrated to Israel and the settlements were built in the West Bank and Gaza. The West Bank was an important area of ancient Israel. Also the Israelis controlled the city of Jerusalem. Many Israeli's thought that the Arabs that remained in Israel should be treated as second-class citizens. These settlements continued to be built through the 1970's even against the will of Israel's allies. This gave the Israel some security and they built them for religious reasons. This would have quite greatly caused the 1993 Peace Agreement because the Palestinian Arabs were treated as second-class citizens and lost land, whereas the Israeli's secured land and gained even more Jewish citizens. ...read more.


He was a tough yet willing to compromise with the Palestinians. He was going to give them 60% of the West bank. None of the Arab Jerusalem would be given also no Palestinian refugees were allowed back. These refugees were the ones from the 6-day war and the 1947 war. In 2000 the people of both nations were not happy, the Israelis noticed that Mr. Barak had almost the same attitude as the despised predecessor, Netanyahu. He has built more settlements on occupied territories. Mr. Barak's final offer was to make a Palestinian state, north and south of Jerusalem. This was only slightly better than Netanyahu's offer. Again the Israeli's changed views and decided to vote in a new leader called Sharon, he was very anti-Palestinian. The leaders of Israel and Palestine have both lost support from their people and Israel is on the brink of war. This is why the 1993 peace agreement failed and why Israel is constantly in fear of attack. There will be no future plans for peace as they are never happy about each other's view on what should happen. ...read more.

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