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In what way has David Cameron changed the conservative party?

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Politic coursework 2 In this task we will be looking at David Carmon and the conservative party, and answering the following question: Section I: Q1: In what way has David Cameron changed the conservative party? Modernisation: In order to make the conservative's image more modern and electable David Carmon has tried take to off the etiquette of the "nasty party" which has been stock to the to the Tories for a while . To do so David has come with a specific programme, this was consisted of the followings: Adopting New labour's view on poverty , this means that poverty is now taken into consideration as it seen as a form of inequality, and the acceptance of the growing gap between rich and poor, he also introduce some reforms in the public service policy ,for instance the Tories abandoned some policies in education and health care like their usual opposition to tuition fees and the expansion of grammar schools ,supporting Brown budget and the idea of diversifying schools and hospitals . ...read more.


have a real opportunity by which he can prove that he is coming with radical changes compared with the past like the abandonment of clause IV by Blair ,also Camron is more focused on his appearances in front of the medias as wel as its image rather than concentrating on political issues. this make his changes cosmetic than substantial. Although his position in social policies is clear and strong, he is still vague on foreign and economic policy like Iraq and Afghanistan The Camron party is still Eurosceptic and Immigration is still an important issue for the Tories as they want a limited number of non-UE migrants. Some theories suggest that the Brown's unpopularity led to a lead of Camron in the polls . Section II: Q2 : why was it so important for the conservative party to change ? After the controversial Thatcher mandate in which unemployment increase sharply, mainly caused by closing inefficient companies the Tories have lost three general elections (1997,2001,2005) and have passed through five leadership elections since 1990. ...read more.


All these leaders were unpopular, right-winger , and failed to modernise the party in order to it more electable. The emergence of Cameron, Clegg and Brown as new party leaders after 2005 , has made parties ideologically more difficult to distinguish as they were brought on the same line in the centre ground. Section II: Parallels between Cameron's modernisation project and Blair's third way In the modernisation of the conservative party David has come with the ideology which is described by Richard Kelly (2008) as the new "third way" that basically means the reconciliation of conservatives politic to the changes that Blair came with, distinctively , Blair's third way was dedicated to triangulating some principle of labour with the consequences of Thatcherism ,in other world Blair reacted to Thatcherism and Camron reacted to Blair, both reaction are seen as a way . Both of Blair and Camron have paid much intention to their image and have tried to influence potential electorate through the process of manipulating media. Because of the significant growth of the national debt, mainly gained during the economic crisis, Camron is able to promise Tories cuts to reduce the debt with more public support than opposition. ...read more.

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