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Is devolution a good thing for the UK?

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´╗┐Babatunde Osunmakinde 12 RAR Is devolution a good thing for the UK? Devolution is the statutory granting of powers from the central government to government at regional or local level. The devolution of powers from Westminster to Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and London began in 1997 after public votes had been held. The devolution of powers resulted in the establishment of the Scottish Parliament, the National Assembly for Wales and the Northern Ireland Assembly. The devolved powers are enlisted in the Scottish Act 1998, the Government of Wales Act 1998 and the Northern Ireland Act 1998. Devolution is different from a federal system of government because the doctrine of Parliamentary Sovereignty allows devolution to be reversible. So the United States, for example, which has a federal system of government cannot abolish an individual state because they have been recognized as federal states in the US Bill of Rights. On the other hand, the devolved powers of Scotland, for example, could be revoked because those powers were only devolved to them as a result of a legislation being passed, The Scottish Act 1998. ...read more.


This has also caused major upheavals because people in England don?t like the idea of paying for the education of a Scottish student through taxes while they have to pay for their own education in England. Devolution can also be argued as being a bad thing for the UK because it will lead to an increase in demand for independence, most regional authorities now want more powers. For example local authorities in Manchester now want to have an Office similar to the GLA for the Mayor of London. The recent elections for police and crimes commissioners have shown that these might have a negative impact on the economy and it might end up being wasteful. Wales for example had a total turnout of 14.9% in the election to appoint its first police and crime commissioner, this was after millions of pounds had been spent on the election. Although it has been argued by major political figures such as the opposition leader, Ed Miliband that the cause for the low turnout for this election was the time of year in which the election was held, November, and the lack of publicity placed on the importance of the elections. ...read more.


Although they would have had their own elected representatives in Parliament, they would not have had enough support to make much of a difference, for example MP?s representing Scotland are likely to be members of the SNP (Scottish National Party), they don?t have a substantial amount of support in Parliament. To conclude, devolution is good for the UK because it boosts the confidence and support that the people in other nations apart from England have for the government, although the increasing demand for more devolution can lead to a break-up of the UK because the nations that have had a taste of devolved powers now want to hold referendums to gain independence. An example of this is Scotland which will like to hold a referendum for independence in the autumn of 2014. The main reason why devolution is not going to be bad for the UK is that the nations that make up the UK are interdependent and they require unity to stand successfully, as mentioned above various services which are available for free to tax payers in some nations are not available to taxpayers in other nations even though they are all funded by the same tax payers. ...read more.

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