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Is the Labour party still socialist?

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Is the Labour party still socialist? Clause 4 in the Labour party constitution is a clear commitment to socialism. It states the encouragement of redistribution of wealth and common ownership. However in recent years, the Labour party has seemed to take a new direction and some may suggest that the party has lost its socialist traditions. One of the major arguments that support this suggestion is the fact that in 1995, the Labour party under Tony Blair rewrote Clause 4 to modernise the party and broaden its appeal to the public. The clause turned into something that describes the party as 'socialist democrats' but it moves away from the nationalisation principals that was deeply unpopular during the Thatcher era. ...read more.


There is also a change in views over European policy with new Labour. The socialists were anti-Europe and they wanted Britain to be free to protect their own domestic industries from foreign competition. Conversely, new Labour believes that Britain should remain in the EU, however most members of the party are sceptical about joining the Euro. On the other hand, it would be wrong to say that the labour party has moved completely away from its traditional socialist beliefs. Ideas introduced by new Labour such as the minimum wage could be considered a very socialist concept as it is seen as fair, equal and is redistributing income. ...read more.


Public expenditure should be increased to give the nation more equal opportunities and best possible standard of living. In conclusion, although it shouldn't be forgotten that many of recent labour policies such as tax credits and the minimum wage originate from key socialist concepts. It is obvious that the party has strayed away from many of its core socialist values such as common ownership, state control over economy and nationalisation. In its place, the party have taken a new direction called the 'Third way' in which there is a combination of liberalism and social democracy to broaden the party's appeal to the public. Therefore it can be said that new labour has moved from a more socialist left to a more central role in UK politics. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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