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Is the UK democratic?

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´╗┐Is the UK democratic? The UK has representative democracy, as direct democracy, in its purest sense is not practical in a modern state compromising millions of citizens. It is never possible to be purely democratic. In a representative democracy, citizens elect representatives who enact laws on their behalf. Under the representative model there is no obligation on the part of those elected to seek further approval from citizens before they introduce new policies. Representatives are held accountable through the ballot box at the next election. They are therefore free to legislate independently once returned to the office. Every 5 years in Britain, the people have the chance to vote into power those they wish to represent us in Parliament. ...read more.


For five years, MP?s are responsible to their electorate. In this way they are held accountable to them. If they fail to perform or if the party has done badly during its time in office they can be removed by the people of their constituency. In this way, the people exercise control over their representatives. Referendums increase direct democracy as they allow the public to contribute to a particular issue. They are a form of more direct democracy and encourage participation by allowing citizens to have a real input into key decisions that matter to them. Anyone in the UK can form a political party, and try to appeal to the general public. This allows freedom of speech, and contributes to democracy. ...read more.


FPTP is not proportionally represented, as there is low turnout. There are also no recalls so if the public don?t like the government they have to wait another five years until they are able to elect another one. There can also be a sense of elective dictatorship within the government, e.g. Tony Blair, so they can do whatever they want to do, without taking in to account what the general public want. On top of this there can be lack of civil liberties especially since 9/11. I believe the UK to be democratic, because the people are able to chose who they want to govern their country. You cannot always have complete direct democracy, but the people are able to decide some of what they want to happen. ...read more.

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