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Justice and Hope for the Forgotten - The Amos Trust finds its calling in the words of the 8th Century Hebrew Prophet Amos

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Justice and Hope for the Forgotten. The Amos Trust finds its calling in the words of the 8th Century Hebrew Prophet Amos 'But let justice roll down like waters and righteousness like an ever flowing stream' (Amos chapter 5 vrs 24). Founded by singer and songwriter Rev Garth Hewitt (Priest In Charge of All Hallow's on the Wall, in the city of London) in 1985, the organisation is committed to 'justice and hope for the forgotten' and seeks to encourage and support the oppressed and those living in forgotten situations. It also aims to inspire and motivate others around the world through hosting events, and through story and song. ...read more.


During the first intifada Al Alhi was the only hospital non-Israeli hospital run by Palestinians in Gaza working with the community. The hospital's work is invaluable, providing medical outreach clinics in areas of Gaza where each village is under separate siege (due to being close to an Israeli settlement) with entry of all supplies, medications, people and merchandise requiring permits. Ahli has also been designated by the Ministry of Health as the first line recipient for overflow of casualties after the Ministry's own hospital. The Emergency Response Team is trained to react to a call for assistance within moments notice. Amos also funds Open House a reconciliation initiative founded in 1991 to further peace and co-existence among Israeli Arabs and Jews in Ramale, a mixed city of 65,000. ...read more.


In each Easter and Christmas message from the Patriachs of the Anglican Church in Jerusalem there is a call for support and prayers from the wider Anglican Communion, and yet Palestinian Christians remain isolated, persecuted and many unable to leave their homes to worship, even on Christmas day. Amos have hosted Riah's visits to the UK on numerous occasions. He has spoken at the Greenbelt Arts Festival for the last two years, and he has visit All Hallow's on the Wall to speak to the Amos Collective. The Amos Collective represents a core of Amos supporters aged in their 20's and 30's. The collective meet regularly to hear Amos partners, and have organised weekends away focusing on particular issues. They also visit projects, partners, activists and politicians overseas to see the practical cause and effect of the Trusts work. ...read more.

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