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Lance Bocelli

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Lance Bocelli English 1301 Source Review The subject I have chosen to do for my English project two is the legalization of marijuana. In the Jacob Komisar article "Marijuana Relegalization Debate" found at, http://members.tripod.com/~totaleuphoria/marijuana.html, it describes the how it became illegal, how it can be used for medical use, and also how we can use it for everyday objects. Another name for marijuana is cannabis or hemp. Cannabis was once legal in the in the Untied States but the US government decided to make it illegal. The Author stated that the real reason that the government made it illegal wasn't because it was a harmful drug. ...read more.


Also many people believe that marijuana can help with people suffering from AIDS and cancer because of a martial called THC which is only found in marijuana. He goes on saying that the reason this helps AIDS and Cancer is it helps with the nausea so that you won't lose so much weigh. He then describes some of the everyday items that hemp is use for such as, Jeans, tee shirts, and shoes are made out of hemp and he goes on to say that hemp is more comfortable, safer for the environment, is available material economically and even goes as far as saying that hemp is softer then wood. ...read more.


It also states that no studies have proved that marijuana is addicting, causes brain damage, cancer, or causes people to do other drugs, as some people call it the gateway drug to other drugs. As you can tell by this summary of Jacob Komisar, "Marijuana Relegalization Debate" article, he believes that marijuana should be legal and doesn't give many negative remarks about it. The article is very persuasive because he gave many benefits of it and this essay is probably written for people who know little about the uses of hemp and its other sources of use then just being a drug. Overall I find the authors point of this essay is to knowledge others on marijuana so that one day it will be legal. ...read more.

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