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Laurier Evaluation

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Laurier Evaluation Sir Wilfrid Laurier was born in St Lin, Quebec, in 1841. In 1874 Laurier was elected to the Ottawa parliament, in which he was eventually appointed leader of the Liberal Party in 1877. Wilfrid has been known as a man of Compromise. If this is true then why did many of his compromises leave so many Canadian people unsatisfied? His decisions were all made in the best interest of the Canadian people. This was hard for Laurier because he was a French men, he could not been seen as a French favor and he could not be seen that he didn't care for them as well. Laurier was a hard worker for imperial collaboration while insisting on Canada's right to take decisions over foreign affairs. Laurier helped create a greater sense of unity in the country and was responsible for improved trade relations with Britain. ...read more.


His intentions were to help out the Western provinces. Many of Laurier's decisions involved the thought of the satisfaction of the French and the English, this was later seen during the Boer War. When the British Empire asked Canada for the help in fighting the Boers, Prime Minister Wilfred Laurier was faced with a difficult decision to formulate. Many of the French people did not feel that Canada needed to take part in a war that did not concern them. In the other hand many of the English people wanted to prove their loyalty to Britain by sending troop. This is when Laurier thought of a brilliant plan to please both groups, this was to only send volunteers to fight. This was excellent in the case that, since the French opposed fighting, they were then not obligated to fight only if they chose to join the army with their will. ...read more.


He used great strategies so that it was fifty fifty thought between the English and the French. Sir Wilfrid Laurier had the longest unbroken term of office of any Canadian prime minister. He spent much of his time in office trying to balance the interests of the French and English in Canada. Laurier was reasonable and known for his ability to compromise. His belief that Canada would become a great country equal to Britain helped him to succeed in many of his elections, his number one priority was the Canadian people. Throughout his time in office he was faced with many decisions to make, whether it was about the Boer War, the Naval Act or Reciprocity, the outcome of these decisions helped shape Canada as a nation. Next time you hear of the name Sir Wilfrid Laurier, remember he was a men of honor and passion to see the Canadian people pleased and to see Canada as a prosperous country as Britain was. Etran Bouchouar 5/9/2007 ...read more.

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