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Legalization of Marijuana

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Kyle McGraw College Writing Ms. McDonald 12 March 2007 The Legalization of Marijuana A drug that has the ability to help cure obesity, asthma, and relieve nausea for cancer patients is surely the miracle drug of the future. In fact, this drug can help relieve the national debt by contributing over $10 million dollars annually and also alleviate prison overpopulation problems. This drug is the most commonly used drug in the United States, and yet none of these positive aspects of it are being taken advantage of. With over 200 slang terms for this drug, it is most commonly referred to as marijuana. While the drug itself does have some drawbacks, its potential is enormous, and its advantages are untapped. This essay will establish the fact that marijuana has enormous medical, physical, and psychological benefits, while on the other hand the misconceptions of marijuana will be reviewed and examined further, and finally the economic benefits of marijuana to society will perhaps be its greatest contribution. Ancient civilizations have taken advantage of marijuana's economical, medical, and religious perks, and with enough research today's society can take profit from this drug as well. Marijuana usage dates back to Ancient China where it was most commonly used in religious ceremonies to honor the dead. ...read more.


Hemp grows very easily under almost any conditions and is very cost efficient to cultivate. Despite these innumerous benefits of marijuana, many people, especially in the United States still believe that marijuana should be illegal due to preconceived notions about the drug. In today's society, our nation's youth are bombarded by the anti-drug slogans "Just say no" and "dope is for dopes" without giving them the full spectrum of these drugs, both the positive and negative aspects. There are about as many myths about the horrendous effects of marijuana as there are urban legends about people getting their kidneys stolen, and for the most part, both myths are ridiculous lies. The most widely used lie about marijuana is that it is a "gateway" drug that will only lead its users to harder drugs such as cocaine. In a study in 1994, less than 16% of marijuana users have ever even tried any hard drugs. Furthermore, during the 1960's and 1970's, while marijuana usage increased, heroin usage increased, thus proving that those who used marijuana did not then turn to a harder drug. Another popular belief is that marijuana is more harmful for the user than smoking a cigarette. In fact, many claims are that smoking one joint is equal to smoking give cigarettes. ...read more.


Finally, by legalizing marijuana, it would eliminate the black market over priced selling of the drug and reduce crime rates in many urban areas. With those dealers off the streets, we may find that they simply turn to a normal life. Evidently, the issue of legalizing marijuana is not one that is simply a moral or ethical issue, but rather an overwhelming collection of facts in favor or its benefits. Marijuana has proven to have considerable potential for a number of uses, yet we ignore them despite extensive research. As in the 1920's during the prohibition of alcohol, the government realized that by prohibiting alcohol, it led to an increase in crime. Likewise, the prohibition of marijuana has led to an increase in unnecessary arrests of non-violent people while violent murders are being committed continuously. Marijuana is nothing to be ashamed of, in fact, many famous leaders have admitted to using the popular drug such as, Al Gore, Willie Nelson, and our nation's first leader George Washington even grew and cultivated the plant! Marijuana is not some drug that is fry your brain, it is a drug of the future and one that if people are open enough to try it, many will find it euphoric and a way to connect with others. As Bob Marley once said, ""The more people smoke herb, the more Babylon fall. ...read more.

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