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Main features of fascism

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Nabil Saeed Political Ideologies Essay 2. Main Features of Fascism There are many ideologies that people have adopted through out time and Fascism is one of the many ideologies I have learnt about. It is considered to be an extreme right wing ideology. Fascism was an authoritarian political movement that developed in Italy and several other European countries after 1919. Fascist ideology was largely the work of Giovanni Gentile. It emphasized the subordination of the individual to a totalitarian state that was to control all aspects of national life. Violence as a creative force was an important characteristic of the Fascist ideology. A special feature of Italian Fascism was the attempt to eliminate the class struggle from history through nationalism and the corporate state. Fascism believes that communities should be of the same race or nationality regardless any other form of entity. It can be associated with Hitler or Mussolini who they believed in Fascism as the best way to raise a society, but it ended by the end of the Second World War 1945. ...read more.


At the same time fascism had a lot of interaction and competition with the right, thus creating various movements and regimes with in. Fascism adopts the idea of totalitarianism which means total government regulation of individuals and institutions. Personal dictatorship is a common way or ruling in fascism were the ruler has unlimited rule over the people and opposition. Glorification of the state was wide spread among the people living within the state and they have no identity other than the state. Leaders would capitalize patriotism in order to develop among the people a sense of intense nationalism. Also at the same time glorify war as a way to win and the use of violence to achieve goals. Fascism always links the nation with their glorious past to claim superiority over others. The fascist's political party is agenda is to be highly disciplined for them to implement their ideas and not allowing opposition parties to get involved. It is an extremely centralized way to leading a nation. ...read more.


Fascism used this way of education to get the peoples loyalty since they extremely believe in war and violence. Conclusion Fascism is an old ideology compared to how we are living these days. I don't not think that fascism would work on people nowadays since democracy is spreading all around the world fascism strictly oppose democracy as they see as a sign of weakness to nation and governments. Fascism brought about a lot of destruction and suffering to the people living with in that regime. It is hard to bring back such an ideology even though it still exists in the UK and it is called the BNP. They are trying to bring fascism back but they have no enough support from the people. Maybe we are living under the umbrella of a fascist government but it adopted a new way of implementing those ideas since the war on terrorism stated in 2001. After all we are living in a fairly democratic world where the individual can do what ever he/she wants as long as your are not harming the society your are living with in. generally I think fascism should not be adopted as an ideology anymore since it has more disadvantages that advantages. ...read more.

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