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Memorandum for political candidate advising on strategy. Mark Critz is the Congress Representative for Pennsylvania's 12th congressional district

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´╗┐Memorandum To: Interested Groups From: Sherry Xu Subject: The Way to Win Date: October 23, 2012 Mark Critz is the Congress Representative for Pennsylvania's 12th congressional district; he has been on duty since 2010. He is a member of the Democratic Party. As we prepare to confront with whomever Republican select as our next opponent, we have to determine strategies to maintain Critz? lead, and defeat the opponent. This memo concentrate on methodology of how to run a respectful campaign focused on the issues and values that are important to the people in this district. Pennsylvania's 12th congressional district, Located in southwestern Pennsylvania, and has historically been the most Democratic region of the state. The 12th district includes industrial suburbs that mainly focus on industry, mining, steel production, and partly education. The distribution of the district consists highly rural areas in Greene county, some important steel-making area in Monongahela Valley region, and a large coal-mining region in Somerset and Cambria counties, college town in Indiana. ...read more.


The concepts and ideas will be discussed in the following: 1. Energy: Critz should focus on energy policy in Pennsylvania 12th district because we own great mining and steel resources in our district and the entire United States. Critz have to talk about improvement of mining and steel making, such as equipment improvement; the benefits those industries can gain from government, such as tax cut for the businesses; and development of energy independent, so that people and companies in this district could end buying energy from those who do not share same values. 2. Jobs and Economy: As member of Democratic Party, Critz might confront the questions every Democrat face, how to increase more jobs, and how to reboots the shrinking economy. As many working class and middle class family live in 12th district, Critz should talk about how to protect jobs in Western Pennsylvania by fighting to eliminate tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas. As energy industry highly dominates the district, Critz should take advantage of natural resources like coal and natural gas to create jobs here. ...read more.


Critz should talk about his past contribution to veteran society, such as extending Tricare coverage to veteran?s dependent children up to age 26, increasing imminent danger pay for $7.2 billion for new, state-of-the-art equipment. He also should talk about his future action on how to ensure veterans have the training they need to get high paying jobs when they re-enter civilian life, and the benefit the government can bring to them when they return home after their duty. 6. Opponent: The biggest opponent is a Republican representative Keith Rothfus. First, Critz should attack him about his millionaire ?wall street lawyer? image by announcing that he cannot stand for middle and low-income class. Secondly, Rothfus worked for a law firm that had a "strategic alliance" with a Chinese firm. Critz should criticize Rothfus on his protective tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas rather than creating jobs for America. Finally, by attacking Rothfus?s ideas of raising Medicare fee for seniors, and cutting tax on the wealthy will resonate emotion of middle class people and senior, and gain more votes from them. ...read more.

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