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AS and A Level: Middle east

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  1. The Syrian Uprising

    Local Coordination Committees of Syria: The Local Coordination Committees of Syria is a network of committees ann local groups that report and organize protests. The LCCSyria was started on March 11 2011 due to the uprising in Syria. They support civil disobedience and oppose local armed resistance against the Syrian Government or the intervention of international military forces opposing the Syrian Government. The network opposes the regime, but prefers peaceful demonstrations instead of militarization, because militarization would make it impossible for the establishment for a proper foundation for Syria.

    • Word count: 2903
  2. Nuclear proliferation in Iran

    This is all part of the security dilemma which is summed up very well by John Herz. He says: ?Striving to attain security from attack, [states] are driven to acquire more and more power in order to escape the power of others. This, in turn, renders the others more insecure and compels them to prepare for the worst. Since no one can ever feel entirely secure in such a world of competing units, powers competition ensures, and the vicious circle of security and power accumulation is on.? None of the countries involved are seeking but to stay in a sense of security, they advance their military capabilities.

    • Word count: 1956

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