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MP Feedback Sheets

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MP Feedback Sheets Constituency & MP Constituent's Name Did MP sign EDM MP views Sympathetic Constituent's Comments Brentford & Isleworth (Ann Keen) George John Daugis No Never criticized Israel or condemned its oppression of the Palestinians, never condemned arms trade with Israel No Supports Israel Brentford & Isleworth (Ann Keen) Paul Hughes-Smith No Does not support Palestinian cause No Avoided the meeting, unsympathetic to the Palestinian cause Brentford & Isleworth (Ann Keen) Patricia Magadi As above As above Brentford & Isleworth (Ann Keen) Abdulhani, Megdad No As above No As above Brent South (Paul Boateng) Jeanne Coiler Saw a member of the office instead, was informed that Mr Boating, being a cabinet minister, has same views as the cabinet. I was invited to put my points in writing Bristol (Valerie Davey) Claire Devrell We discussed the need for America to insist on Israeli withdrawal from settlements, discussed women in Afghanistan Yes MP is planning a visit to the area next year Bristol East (Jean Corston) Alison Devrell No, would write letter instead Said Israel should withdraw but expressed the need for Israeli security, agreed in principle to ending arms trade w Israel Fairly She said the gov is not biased in favour of Israel, I challenged that , she has supported Israel in the past but agrees now with 2 state solution Bristol West (Valerie Davey) ...read more.


with Israel, talked about human rights violations & breach of UN resolutions Yes Very useful meeting, MP encouraged me to keep writing Hampstead & Highgate (Glenda Jackson) Frankie Green No Unhelpful & Uninformed, we talked about ethnic cleansing, right of return, apartheid No Considers herself well-informed but isn't, she is pessimistic about international law being applied& doesn't think British gov will take action to pressure Israel Hampstead & Highgate (Glenda Jackson) Dina & Martin Turner, Lesley Smith No As above No Says it is pointless to try & that all power rests with US Harrow East (Tony McNulty) Abe Hayeen No Was in favour of restating talks, not forthcoming about withdrawal, in favour of case by case dealing on the issue of arms trade, sees the need for UN peace keeping force Unsure Agrees with the broad picture, says no linkage bet Iraq & Israel, Hastings/Rye (Michael Foster) Sir Christopher & Lady Davson No Says little likelihood for withdrawal as long as "nsecurity"continues Yes Scant hope of influencing US policy, Sympathetic but compromised Hereford (Paul Keetch) Richard Greaves) Not available Hexham (Peter Atkinson) Peggy M'Barek & Alan Grist No No answer to challenging questions, didn't want to know (politely) No Very polite, same answer to all issues" The Palestinians have to stop the suicide bombings", not very knowledgeable Islington North Jeremy Corbyn) ...read more.


Alan K. Mals No Not particularly interested judging by correspondence No Did not appear Siitingbourne & Sheppey) Elizabeth Yaibes Yes Very pessimistic, does not see the gov doing anything, will continue lobbying though for ending arms trade Yes Iraqi issue has to be resolved first Sudbury Suffolk (Tim Yeo) Jill Pullan No Agrees with Israeli withdrawal & that most settlements should go, not sure about arms trade Yes Mp will press IDS to take a more pro-Palestinian line, already written to foreign secretary, says US is the main player Tonbridge & Malling (Sir John Stanley) Patricia Gaster Did not ask Seems to support Israeli cause for fighting the "Terrorists" No MP feels only US has any influence & it supports Sharon who gives no credence to UN resolutions Walthamstow (Neil Gerrard) Chris Olende I guess MP would be sympathetic to all issues, but he was not available Totnes (Anthony Steen) Wrote to him in the past about human rights abuses in Palestine, generally concerned without being very specific Westminster (Mark Field) Geraldine Fitzgerald Did not see him, wrote to him in the past, concerned but will not commit, very concerned about anti-Arab racism in some schools West Ham (Tony Banks) Hugh Caravan Met MP's researcher who said he would We understand that MP is sympathetic on all issues Yes ...read more.

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