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New Britain. Now: TV Network Studio.

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New Britain Now: TV Network Studio "Good morning and thanks for joining us on the Now: TV News Network. Welcome to Daybreak, the UK's Number 1 morning news show. I'm Anna Collins" "And I'm Ricky Brown. A very good morning to you if your just waking up, the time is 8 o'clock. Lets go straight to Tony in the Now TV News Capital Centre for all the latest headlines." Tony shuffles his papers, takes a quick look in the mirror. His make-up artist really had done a great job with Tony's skin. If somebody had told Tony 10 years earlier when he was a struggling journalist for a small local newspaper that he would be sat in a warm, cosy, sleek studio wearing make-up and hair spray - he would well he would have probably burst out a number of deeply offensive expletives. Either way he wouldn't have believed them. "And we're on air in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1" "Good morning. Notorious drug dealer released, a brutal armed robbery at a large Birmingham Barclay's Bank branch, Government figures admit 65% of prisoners will be released early. Now TV can exclusively reveal the early release of Frank Dean, the drug dealer who boasted to have sold over �150 millions worth of drugs in Britain alone." The Blackpond House Estate, Gloucestershire: "Nothing but bad news. This country's going to hell in a bloody handcart. Turn it off Linda." The television and its depressing headlines were swiftly silenced at the flick of a button. Sir. Nicholas Powell was Britain's second richest citizen, the son of a millionaire landowner Nicholas had transformed the family fortunes into billions. Nicholas had consistently thought about going into politics. He felt it was time to give something back to the country that had made him rich. Still, Nicholas never took the plunge into politics until that faithful morning of Wednesday 19th November 2005. ...read more.


I'm Anna Collins" "And I'm Ricky Brown." "As promised we have a very special guest with us today. The name you have heard so much about over the past few weeks. Sir. Nicholas Powell!" "Good morning Nicholas, thanks a lot for joining us today." "Good morning Anna and Ricky, it's a pleasure" "So are you truly serious about this venture into politics? Newspapers are showing that you have absolutely huge popularity" "Yes Anna, I'm more than serious about this. I'm fed up of the madness that is going on in our country. I'm not saying that I will make everything perfect but I'll change a lot of things in this country. For one, I am fed up with this country being ran by Liberals with absolutely no basis of the real world." "Nicholas, some of these Liberals are branding your politics a gimmick. They are also criticizing you for using your vast fortune to gain popularity. You have spent gigantic amounts of money on advertising for your political party and you have even used your vast fortune to buy several newspapers and even Channel 5" "Yes Ricky I have. I now own The Daily Mail, The Daily Express, The Daily Star and The Independent. But I am not going to use these newspapers as propaganda machines. And I had being trying to purchase Channel 5 for a considerable amount of time now. Its unrelated to politics. My party is not a gimmick, my party represents common sense. "So what do you plan to do if you gain power Nicholas?" "Firstly I will reintroduce the death penalty. If somebody kills someone else they have taken away the most valuable thing from that person - life. Bring them real justice. Secondly I will abolish Unions, I'm fed up with greedy workers bringing this country to a standstill with strikes. I'll also bring back true British morals and values, I am becoming fed up with the amount of awfully tasteless television. ...read more.


Sue Benson had always been a hippie type. In her late 40's Sue regularly smoked cannabis. Sat in her tatty rundown flat Sue lay down smoking a joint remembering the 60's humming along to Bob Dylan's The Times They Are A Changing when there was a great bang on the front door. 5 heavily armed police entered Sue's flat, arresting her for possession of an illegal drug. The next day Sue was swiftly sentenced to 5 years imprisonment. Sir. Nicholas Powell's tough law and order programme was working well. Criminals were truly punished and sentenced swiftly. A new law was passed through Parliament. Thanks to The British People's Party's majority the law received no opposition from MP's. The National Stability & Security Act: "Any person who threatens the governance of government shall be in breach of British Law and liable to a fine or prison term" A Guardian journalist raged at the new law, "What was a threat to governance? Blowing up a naval port? Or protesting against the reintroduction of capital punishment? Protesting at the illegality of unions..." The journalist was arrested within hours. Then I turned on the television. How far had common decency and morals gone? There was no swearing, no violence, no sex, no drugs, no gambling. Had I awoke in some nightmarish Puritan state? Britain had became boring. It had been ruined. The freedoms taken for granted for so long disappeared in a flash as a fascist took power proving the theory that money may equal power. As Anna and Ricky left the Now: TV "News" Network Studios Ricky softly spoke. "What have we done? Were we really a part of this?" Aghast and appalled Anna and Ricky walked out of the studios into the streets of New Britain. The sleazy area of sex shops outside the studio was gone. The bookmakers disappeared. The advert with the attractive blonde wearing skimpy clothing had gone. The crying homeless man had gone - imprisoned for begging. Something had gone terribly wrong. ...read more.

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