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Old and New Labour differences.

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Old and New Labour Differences In my opinion, the change over from Old Labour (a party of the working classes) to New Labour (a party of the people) was inevitable. I would prefer to call this change an evolution rather than the take-over, which many Old Labour partisans claim. There are many people who believe that the New Labour government has lost its traditional goals and aims. I for one agree with this statement, however, I would strongly oppose anybody who would be willing to imply that this is could be a bad thing for the New Labour party. The Old Labour views, which were relevant at the prime of Old Labour and were indeed vote winners in the Working Classes, are largely no longer relevant to today's society. ...read more.


With working opportunities now at an apparent level playing field, the so-called old "Working Class" can now receive so called old "Middle Class" jobs. No longer is the branding system of Blue and White collar workers active, only the real old timers and jokers would dare refer to the current working system as that. This is where the New Labour policies have been clever, and leaves Old Labour policies left lagging far behind. New Labour sees that there is no longer such a massive divide between the classes, and therefore, cannot aim at something which simply isn't there. New Labour sees that the middle classes are just as big as a target as the workers were, now that the divides are much closer that ever before. ...read more.


For me, voting Old Labour would seem like choosing to take a horse and cart to work, rather than the car. In comparison to the New Labour policies, Old Labour is Stone Age. Why would anybody prefer to crawl, when they could walk or even run? Nobody can blame the Old Labour partisans for being die hard Old Labour, as Old Labour was what they believed in back when they wanted to make a change. The Old Labour partisans are in essence, old, and soon to be dead. So, When I am 75, and losing touch with the world rushing up around me, don't blame my generation and for saying "In my day this would have never of happened....". Politics is people and People evolve. Goodbye Old Labour, Hello Tomorrow. Old and New Labour - Differences - Josh Igoe - 1st October 2003 ...read more.

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