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Outline the case for Votes at 16.

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´╗┐Jordan Meade In Modern time we have seen the voting system become fairer and simpler in order to incorporate all members of society. From giving Women the right to vote many citizens have believed that the voting age should in fact be lowered from the current standard EU Law of 18, to the minor age of 16. The idea of this vote has been popular among citizens however it seems to be less popular among the older generations. Firstly if young people were given the opportunity to vote then it would allow them to engage more within their society. So in theory if more teenagers feel that they are part of the community then we could expect to see a drastic fall in national crime rates for this age bracket. ...read more.


Stopping 16 year olds from voting could be classified as discrimination, for a particular group of society are being shunned away due to personal characteristics. Currently a 16 year old can be tried in an Adult Court of Law and sentenced to terms in Adult Prisons. This seems unfair if teenagers do not have the right or ability to question acts of law, in means of voting in a general election. The voice of young people is being shunned away. At the age of 16 the law provides teenagers with the right to leave school and move away from home. These abilities are far more serious than voting due to the fact that the will have huge effects on the person?s later life. ...read more.


Young people are the future of this country and therefore they should have the ability to input what they want they would like their society to be like within the future. If a student was to vote at the age of 16 then by the age of 20 a government would have already have shaped their future. I believe that a 16 year old has a stronger right to vote over perhaps a 70 year old for they are the future of tomorrow. It is amazing that despite years of education and a number of new rights 16 year olds can not vote in an election, these seems unjust considering that they are subject to the laws that Parliament makes and they would be subject to paying tax if they were to work. The exclusion of 16 year olds from the ballot boxes is discrimination and a deprivation of a basic international human right. Jordan of ...read more.

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