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Outline the main beliefs of the modern Conservative party

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´╗┐Conservatism Define Conservatism (5) A political movement that is averse to excessive change and reform. It is sceptical about strongly held political beliefs and prefers the known to the unknown. It also supports the retention of traditional institutions and values. Conservatism is a movement generally followed by the Conservative party; however you do not have to be a Conservative to hold some conservative views Outline the main beliefs and policies of the modern Conservative party? (10) Since David Cameron took over leadership of the Conservative party in 2005 he has modernised and reformed policies, steering them from the right of the Labour party towards the middle ...read more.


On the subject of the economy Cameron aims to put economic stability and fiscal responsibility ahead of promises to cut taxes. However, in order to reduce the deficit and build a recovery based on real growth and investment the party has recognised tax cuts will only be possible if public spending grows more slowly than the economy. For this reason they have proposed limited reductions in corporation tax and tax breaks for married couples. They have also cut income tax for 25 million people. Their aim to reduce money spent in all areas also encompasses the cap on benefits, which George Osbourne announced at the recent party conference. ...read more.


This is part of their ?welfare to work? scheme, in which they aim to increase the involvement of families, voluntary bodies and businesses in welfare provision, as the default mechanism for tackling social problems should not be state action. Conservative attitudes on crime have also changed, as shown by Camerons 2006 ?Hug a Hoodie? speech. This shows that they wish to understand the culture that created criminal behaviour rather than just blame the young people themselves. They aim to help those that have been involved in crime become rehabilitated, whilst still being harsh on those who repeatedly re-offend, by changing laws on sentencing and replacing automatic release with earned release, ensuring justice is done and victims are compensated. ...read more.

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