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´╗┐How is Federalism enshrined in the Constitution? Federalism is the idea that there are two separate forms of government, one on a national level and one for each individual state with the power of governance divided between them. The ?founding fathers? wanted to ensure that this system continued in the US and that neither sector became much more powerful than the other. They wanted to create a system in which the rights of the individual states were protected but the central government was strong enough to bring the country together in order to function as a whole. To do this federalism has been enshrined into the US constitution, even though it does not mention the word in the constitution, largely due to the 10th amendment. This amendment gives all powers which have not been mentioned as powers of the central, national government mainly in Article 1 of the Constitution, referred to as the enumerated powers, to the individual states. This is a key part of federalism as the states themselves are able to make laws for their population rather than have to follow those set out by the national government. ...read more.


The Electoral College is also made up from delegates from different states who then vote on who would be President. This shows that the states do have some power when it comes to choosing the members of the federal government. Explain the nature of Federalism under Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Much against common thought at the time, due mainly to the Republican and Bush?s view on states? rights and on decentralisation, and given the fact that Bush had previously been a state governer, the eight years during which George W. Bush was president saw a further expansion of the federal government and the imposition of the federal government policies and demands on the states through such laws as the No Child Left Behind and the Real ID Acts. Before Bush?s presidency had been the height of ?New Federalism?, something which was largely championed by the Republican Party, especially by Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. This was largely due to the changing views on the feral-state relationship and even resulted in Bill Clinton saying that ?The era of big government is over? in his 1996 State of the Union Address. ...read more.


Whilst it was surprising the Bush?s presidency saw an expansion of the powers of the central government, it is not surprising that during Obama?s presidency the role of the federal government increased as he leans towards the liberal side of the Democrats. One of the biggest and most controversial reforms implemented under Obama time as President has been the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which is given the name ObamaCare. Obama?s administration has also sought to restrict the powers of the states in other ways as well, for example in its legal action against Arizona over its new laws over immigrants. Under Obama?s stimulus package more money has been given to the states than most other stimulus packages that were set up prior to his presidency. It also needs to be noted that this increase in state funding has also increasingly become in the form of block grants rather, were the states are able to choose how the funds are spent specifically rather than having to listen to the federal government?s plans for what they must do with their money. ...read more.

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