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Political and Global Issues

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Janay Perry Political and Global Issues MWF 10-10:50 Article: Blair and Putin 'Poles apart' By: Steven Eke Europe says that they have more supporters in Europe and around the world behind their idea, than it does enemies in the US and UK. Tony Blair had visited Russia once again, after the US had led invasion of Iraq. He went to tell everybody there that the world has change. But the question is did it really? Blair said that Saddam was not coming back, so there is no point of trying to prevent the lifting sanctions, and that no matter how bad they would like for the weapon inspectors from the UN to return that it's just not happening. The Russian newspapers put out an article stating that London and Washington has once again put Europe in what they perceive as its (lowly) place. Although most of the Russians want to stick to their own opinions, there are some Russians that understand and acknowledge the services the UK ...read more.


Saddam has been on so many news television programs giving up plenty of information, probably thinking about a better plan, while the government does nothing in all there power like they would do for anything else that they want. The world is not changing. Fuel, Finance and Politics By: "BBC Sunday AM" In this article there was an interview instead of a reporter telling everything. The gentleman that was being interviewed was Gordon Brown. He basically told the BBC Sunday AM show that the more substantial challenge right now is on fuel prices and there impact on the economy. He said that he understood the frustration particularly of hauliers, where the competitiveness is affected by rising petrol and diesel prices. This is not a public issue, it's a global challenge and it's got to be met by global measures. Gordon was doing all that he could do to help, if not fix, this matter. ...read more.


Blair's standing 'never higher', says Clinton Mr. Clinton says the prime minister's standing in America and Britain "has never been higher." The friendship between the two men is so good. But the democrat ex-president had harsh words for left-wingers who accuse Mr. Blair of "Being unprincipled. Britain is making a notable transition into the 21st century - in no small measure because of my leadership friend and your party leader, Prime Minister Tony Blair," says Mr. Clinton. Political leaders around the world recognize the political talents and personal appeal of someone who led your party after years of opposition to not just one, but two landslide victories and has already achieved so mauch change for good. Critics hate they are not in charge. Tony Blair is, after all, successful Labour prime minister leading a successful, progressive, Labour government tackling successfully problems which drew all of us on the centatre- left into politics. "It's true that he's not gone back to the old and failed politics, but instead had made his party and the country face up to change. That's a good thing, not a bad thing. ...read more.

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