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Politics - Democracy in the UK.

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POLITICS - DEMOCRACY IN THE UK A) Define Direct Democracy. Direct democracy comprises a form of democracy and theory of civics where all citizens can directly participate in the decision-making process. Direct democracy in its traditional form is rule by the people through referenda. The people are given the right to pass laws, veto laws and withdraw support from a representative at any time. In the United States when specific direct democracy issues, other than the election of representatives, reach a local- or state-level ballot, they are commonly referred to by local and state governments as "ballot questions" or "ballot measures". B) Explain the main features of indirect democracy. Indirect democracy is when elected representatives act behalf on the people who have chosen them. The most common system found in today's democracies is the representative democracy. The people elect government officials who then make decisions on their behalf. Essentially, a representative democracy is a form of indirect democracy in which representatives are democratically selected, and usually difficult to recall. ...read more.


There is limited freedom in that an average adult only votes 11 times in the whole of his or her life. Government secrecy leads to belief that the public is being denied the right to know various things such as where in the UK you are most likely to be affected by cancer C) How democratic is the UK? I think the UK is a fairly democratic state. It has an extensive franchise meaning that almost all adults over the age of 18 have the right to vote. There are no barriers of class, race or gender. Everybody has ONE vote i.e. everyone ideally has the same amount of power. Everybody has the chance to express their views as long as it is done peacefully and it is not rare to see people protesting from things ranging from fox hunting to the war on Iraq. This goes to show that everybody's' freedoms are protected. All elections are fairly conducted: There are secret ballots so nobody can be threatened to vote in favour of a certain party. ...read more.


This is obviously unfair representation. The prime minister has the advantage of calling the election whenever he or she likes within a 5 year period. This may not be undemocratic but it is a sort of a flaw in the system. Personally I think that Apathy show the lack of legitimacy because just because people do not vote does not mean that they are ok with the current system. The fact that an average adult can only vote 11 times in his life time proves that the freedom of choice is very limited. There is no Bill OF Rights, this means that the always can be changed with each changing government. Government secrecy allows the state to keep facts about matters such as public health issues secret for up to 30 years. There is also the chance of corruption as has been proven with the conviction of 2 cabinet ministers in the 1990's. Finally I think that UK is one of the more democratic states in the world although it does not fully fit into the criteria of a real democratic state. Shazib Bin Zaman Politics Paul Cordey ...read more.

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