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politics essay irish constitution

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Politics essay Q. Identify and explain the significance of any 2 amendments to bunreacht Na heireann? A. The two amendments I will be talking about in this essay are the amendments of divorce and the nineteenth amendment of the constitution of Ireland, the nineteenth amendment included changes to article two and three of the constitution required by the Good Friday agreement. Previous to 1999, articles 2 and 3 made the claim that the whole island of Ireland formed a single national territory. Because of the nineteenth amendment, articles 2 and 3 were changed to a goal towards creating a united Ireland peacefully. The 19th amendment was approved by referendum in 1998 but the Irish government did not want the changes to be made to articles 2 and 3 until other aspects of the GFA had been complied with. The 19th amendment was accepted by referendum on the 22 may 1998 and signed into law on the 3rd June on the same year. ...read more.


Institutions with decision-making powers and functions that are shared between those jurisdictions may be well-known by their own liable establishments for stated purposes and may exercise powers and functions in respect of all or any part of the island. The amendments of articles 2 and 3 were demanded by unionists during discussions leading to the Good Friday agreement. The 19th amendment was introduced by the fianna fail progressive democrat's coalition's government of bertie ahern, but was supported by all major political parties. When put to referendum it was amazingly approved by over 94% of the participating electorate. The second amendment I will discuss is the amendment of divorce, in article 41.3.2 of the Irish constitution of 1937 states; no law shall be enacted providing for the grant of a closure of marriage. In 1986 a referendum to remove this ban on divorce was defeated. The yes vote was 36.5%. Divorce gives legal credit to the fact that a marriage has forever broken down and no longer exists in anything but name. ...read more.


Conclusion Before articles 2 and 3 were amended the republic of Ireland claimed that the national territory consisted of the whole island of Ireland and that they were going to have a united Ireland, unfortunately this meant removing the British from the north, which in my opinion could not have been done unless force was used. When articles 2 and 3 were finally amended the republic recognising that a united Ireland shall be brought about by a peaceful way, with the approval of a majority of people from both the republic and the north of the island. When the amendment of divorce finally came into action, there was masses of couples that signed up to get divorced, the reason for there being so much people getting divorces as soon as the referendum for divorce was passed was that before, it was not lawful to get divorced and it looked morally wrong but as soon as it became legal there was list's of couples looking to get divorced. ?? ?? ?? ?? Thomas Donnelly ...read more.

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