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Poverty and Inequality causes terrorism - Discuss.

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Poverty and Inequality causes terrorism Discuss In order to answer this question, it is necessary to look at poverty and the causes of terrorism. Firstly causes of poverty and inequality will be examined this will lead why terrorism happens. * Third world debt IMF -world bank current levels of debt * Inequality west/middle east * Palestine martyrdom, poverty * Al Quida - why they did what they did. To an extent it would initially seem that terrorism is directly linked to with poverty and inequality throughout the world. It seems to be only countries that are poverty stricken that terrorist action roots from. In this essay I will look at some of the root causes of poverty and inequality to see if this will lead to terrorism. Third World debt is one of the a major causes of poverty within LEDCs Large wealthy countries E.G England, France, Germany lend money to poor countries knowing that it ill be impossible for them to pay it back within anyone's life time. ...read more.


General inequality throughout the world is also understandably a great cause of bitterness towards MEDC from LEDC, Poverty stricken countries watch the news or in papers see how the west as a nation live, compared to there way of life is phenomenal. Simply staying alive from day to day is a huge task in certain areas around the world. Then in comparison seeing how people within a MEDC live, where a big thing for them will be buying a new suit or what to have for breakfast. This again will cause great bitterness towards the west. It only takes certain people with strong views around the world E.G Adolf Hitler to set up organisations such as Al Quida to do whatever they can to destroy the idyllic living in the west, such great minds as Hitler can convince thousands of people to support him as he did in World War 1 and 2 So in my view inequality would be a definite cause for terrorism, it only takes one person with pure hatred for the west to set up an evil organisation. ...read more.


Gaining Palestine from Israels point of view is a big factor probably the countries priority. So America battling against them is a major event. Then looking at the bombing on America, this took was a large impact on the world, at a glance you would say that the action was totally unjust. But thinking back at the impact America made by battling for Palestine against Israel, is it just? Another terrorist group, IRA 'Irish republican army' is a group of people within Ireland who are trying to eradicate inequality through terrorist action, they have no political power so cannot make any difference through politicians. In Irelands case they have resulted to terrorism because they are still mainly governed by the U.K and want to be a separate entity, there politicians have not much political power on this case. So again due to inequality terrorism is caused. In conclusion, I believe that poverty and inequality is a definite cause of terrorism, all the examples are relevant to this way of thinking and it is very logical for this to occur. Steve Lansdowne ...read more.

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