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Pressure Groups

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Pressures groups definitely strengthen the concept of democracy, they in affect minimise particular anomalies within the system. It is because of this I believe them to be an asset rather than a hiderance to the democratic process. A chief strength of pressure groups is that they allow participation between elections, they keep politicians in touch with public opinion between elections which can be up to five years. For ordinary citizens pressure groups are the vehicle which gives them a means of influencing politicians in between general elections and ensuring that governments are kept aware of the issues that people are most concerned about. Pressure groups increase social cohesion and political stability by providing a safety valve outlet for individual collective grievances and demands. Pressure Groups give a voice to minority groups, they offer protection to minorities who might otherwise be overlooked or discriminated against. In this respect pressure groups can provide a valuable counterweight to the tyranny of the majority People whom act with like minded fellow citizens are more likely to be listened to than if they acted as isolated individuals. ...read more.


An example of the pervious is the scandalas lack of parental rights that is attributed to fathers in the family courts, this injustice was advocated by the disbanded pressure group Fathers for justice. Regarding the pluralist model of democracy pressure groups play a vital role. Pressure groups unlike political parties cannot provide adequate representation for the full range of diverse interests and opinions in a modern democracy, because their key function is to aggregate interests into a coherent political entity capable of governing the country. Unlike pressure groups, political parties are often preoccupied with winning elections and thus pressure groups are an advantage because they don't seek elections and can therefore focus on the concerns at hand. It is exactly the representation of specialist sectional interests and single issues which give cause for concern, both in terms of methods used to achieve objectives and of the undue power and influence which particular lobbyists can exert. Pressure groups can also be said to provide alternative viewpoints espcialy in a politicial climate where the government is similiar to the officicial oppsition. ...read more.


Pressure groups enable new concerns and issues to reach the political agenda, thereby facilitating social progress and preventing social stagnation. For example, the feminist and environmentalist movements. Pressure groups are a the products of freedom of association, which is a fundamental principle of liberal democracy. Freely operating pressure groups are essential to the effective functioning of liberal democracy in three main ways: they serve as vital intermediary institutions between government and society; they assist in the dispersal of political power; and they provide important counterweights to balance the concentration of power as a result it is rather evident that such a orgainsateion is a advantage and a key ally to democracy. Pressure groups are an essential dimension of any democracy, yet they can endanger democracy if sectional groups undermine the public interest or if the methods they use are corrupt or intimidating In conclustion on balance pressure groups are a excellent tool to democracy and are hence a strength to the democratic practice by on large. ?? ?? ?? ?? In What ways do pressure groups strengthen democracy? ...read more.

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