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Role of a team leader

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In this task I will describe the role of a team leader, including the responsibilities they have and the skills and qualities needed. I will also consider the Uniformed Public Services find it necessary to work in teams giving examples. Team leader role Team leaders can be appointed in many different ways, for example through: * Promotion * Nomination * Election * Delegation * Volunteering Some people make better leaders than others, however, as long as someone is interested and willing, with an idea of how to communicate well, understand the needs of others, offer support and be flexible, then they have the basics to develop their leadership skills. One example of a leader position within a uniformed public service is that of a Commanding Officer (CO). The CO is the officer in command of a military unit, post, cam, base or station. He or she has authority over the unit and is given legal powers, within the bounds of military law, to discipline and punish certain behaviour. A CO has a range of significant responsibilities with regard to the allocation of service personnel, finances and equipment. ...read more.


The table highlights some of the key qualities and skills you will need to be aware of when developing your own leadership abilities. Leadership qualities Decisiveness A leader within the uniformed services needs to demonstrate good judgment by making effective, timely and sound decisions in response to situations that arise. Decisions need to be made quickly and include consideration of the impact and implications of their decision. Many decisions need to be made proactively before a problem arises. Adaptability A leader within the uniformed services needs to be able to adjust any long-term plans when new information is available and constantly apply critical thinking to address any new demands and prioritise and reprioritise tasks in a changing environment to fit any new circumstances. This is particularly important in public services where the political climate or operational conditions can change with very little or no warning. Courage A leader within the uniformed services needs courage to accomplish tasks, especially when he or she is faced with tough decisions and has to take action in difficult circumstances. Leaders need to use courage to manage dangerous situations whilst appearing calm to the rest of the team at all times, even when under stress. ...read more.


Planning Team leaders must be able to plan effectively, not just so they can deal with the task at hand but also so that they can deal with anything unexpected that crops up. For example a senior police officer must plan effectively to manage the policing of a football team, but they must also have contingency plans for pitch invasion, hooliganism and public safety situations. Good leaders share their plans with others when appropriate so that all other officers know what they are expected to do in a given situation. Motivating Another key skill a leader must have is the ability to motivate their team. Motivation is the drive to successfully reach a goal or aim, a leader must help their team to be motivated or complete the task they have been set. If a leader cannot motivate their team then it is less likely the team will be successful. For example in a mountain rescue scenario the physical conditions may be very difficult to deal with, severe cold and poor weather might sap the team's energy and they may become demotivated. The job of the team leader is to find strategies to keep them motivated and committed until the missing person is located. ?? ?? ?? ?? Role of a Leader in Public Services ...read more.

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