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Should the UK adopt Proportional Representation?

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SHOULD FPTP ELECTORAL SYSTEM BE REPLACED BY PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION? Although FPTP's position in rank of the best electoral systems in UK has been relatively shaken due to its failure in recent General Elections I believe that First Past The Post is the most simple, clear, stable and reliable electoral system. It is argued that proportional representation would ensure that all political parties would be represented in accordance to amount of votes that they win. This essay will justify whether Parliament should propose an alternative electoral system which would guarantee establishment of proportional representation in UK. Recently, First Past the Post has been severely criticised due to its unfairness. ...read more.


Similarly, AV plus would be very beneficial to small parties, especially Lib Dems. However, by allowing smaller parties to be elected, it is heavily possible that the more radical or extreme parties would get into the power whereas First Past the Post ensures that this does not occur. Some PR systems offer a great deal of compromise. An example of such system is described as Additional member system which is a combination a regional list(proportional representative) and FPTP. A proportion of the seats is awarded through FPTP. The rest are awarded on a regional list system. This means that every voter has two votes; one for constituency and one from a choice of party list. ...read more.


Ordinarily, FPTP allows for a clear winner as it occurred in 1983 when Conservatives gained 42.4% of the vote whereas Labour gained only 27.6%. Needless to say, it is unlikely it is unlikely that any electoral system can be exactly proportionally. To conclude, First past the Post is more effective electoral system because it is clear and simple. Proportional representation enforces unnecessary confusion and mess into British political system. Also, proportional representation might allow extreme and radical parties getting into power. Other than that, according to Conservative's old principle 'Empiricism'- it is unnecessary to modify something that had been working correctly throughout history. ?? ?? ?? ?? Zofia ...read more.

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