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Team Health Check

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This health check is designed to help teams review their effectiveness. It is in three parts : i) Use the descriptions below to score your personal assessment of the way that the team is working right now. For each lettered statement below, you need to give a rating between 0 and 5. ii) Then share your individual assessment with the other team members to come up with an overall team assessment by calculating the average score you gave to each statement. iii) The team should then reflect on the results and develop an action plan to improve your overall effectiveness in working together. ...read more.


1 = Disagree. - We have started on this, but there is a long way to go. The descriptors do not apply. 0 = Strongly Disagree.- Nothing has been done - this does not apply at all to our team. Purpose / Direction a. - The team has a clear mission/purpose, known by all team members. b. - The team has a vision and success criteria which are challenging, meaningful and exciting to the team. c. - The team understands how the work of the team fits into the larger picture. ...read more.


- Team meetings are effective. k. - The team has found and implemented better ways of working. l. - The team has an efficient process to solve problems and take decisions. m. The team has sufficient resources (people, money, time) to do its work. Communication n. Everyone feels their ideas and input are listened to by the rest of the team. o. Differences and conflicts are resolved openly and constructively. p. Members' interaction is open and honest. Relationships q. The team's different experiences, skills and gifts are accepted and used. r. There is trust and openness between team members. s. New members feel valued and quickly become productive members of the team. t. The team takes responsibility for its successes and failures, and avoids blaming other people or groups. ...read more.

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