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Terrorism and the United States

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A cloud of anthrax spores looming in the sky of San Diego California designed to inflict a horrible death within ninety-six hours on anyone who breaths it. At first, thousands of victims think they have mild influenza or a cold that recedes after a day or two. However, when their symptoms return, and their lungs starts filling-up with fluid the victim realize that another terrorist attack has occurred. Hundreds of victims have acute psychosomatic pain. They besiege over crowded hospitals demanding treatment. Local hospitals and medical clinics quickly run out of drugs. Law enforcement and military police are overwhelmed by angry mobs. This horrible scenario could happen in San Diego. Considering San Diego is the second largest military base in the world which makes them a target by the terrorist. This is horrible! Americans have been overtaken by fear. In our cities, we have witnessed the growth of crime, drugs, and street gangs. We have our own home-grown terrorists: crazed school kids, shooting in columbine high school in Denver, the bombing and destruction of federal building in Oklahoma City by Timothy McVeigh, the anti-abortion fanatics and the Skin heads, who racially against all minorities. Currently, we are dealing with self-styled Islamic terrorist which goal is to kill innocent people (9-11). Therefore, the faith of our nation's facing an invisible enemy, desire to kill in the name of an ideology and beliefs. ...read more.


First, the scale of the slaughter is far beyond criminal activity. The number of people killed may rise to five or ten times the number killed at Pearl Harbor. Additionally, the resources required to carry out the attack, especially training given the pilots, were on the scale of that available only to governments. The moral, political, economic, and religious support necessary for these attacks have been provided over the past twenty-five years by specific governments in the Middle East. Those governments wish to destroy the Great Satan: America, freedom, achievement, trade, values, and reason. This is a war against America, her core values, and the prosperity that has followed from our pursuit of those values. The enemy is first and foremost any government who supports the active opponents of those values. This is the material fact that we must face. Another type of terrorism is the introduction of the computer known as informational terrorism, which presents a threat, equal to or greater than physical terrorism. E-mail bombs and attacks on internet servers are the lowest forms of informational terrorism in terms of destruction. Higher forms of informational warfare include using the internet as a catalyst to produce physical terrorism on a higher scale. The terrorist groups that attack the World Trade Center use information technology. They manage to use a website (ebay.com) to transfer funds and other types of transactions. ...read more.


The attack was botched, and intended to inflict far greater casualties. The Police found enough sarin in the sect's possession to kill millions of people. There was no reason to make light of Aum's founder, a half-blind herbalist and mystic called Shoko Asahara, when he pledge to eradicate major cities by using the substance. With assets of up to a billion dollars, the sect had shopped in Russia's chaotic arms bazaar. It's purchased include a helicopter equipped to spray deadly chemicals, and training from Special Forces in the assembly and use of rifles and rocket launchers. This type of terrorism encourages mass destruction towards an insatiable fanaticism which has no agenda other than destruction and revenge. As technology becomes more cost effective to terrorists - that is, its availability and potential for disruptive effects rise wile its financial and other costs go down.(Devost, 2) "To combat this growing threat, many members of Congress have recently proposed anti-terrorist legislation."(Terrorism, 1) In my opinion the response to terrorism is too late. When presented with an act of violence the counter-action will involve violence. After the operation has transpired the anti-terrorism is only vengeance. The only true way to combat terrorism and terrorist activities is prevention. "The war against terrorism will be a protracted conflict." (Responding, 5) "Terrorism for the foreseeable future will remain a weapon of choice for government groups, and other parties to conflict." (Responding, 4) ...read more.

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