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The congress of Vienna.

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Social assignment The congress of Vienna was Sept., 1814-June, 1815, one of the most important international conferences in European history, called to remake Europe after the downfall of Napoleon I. It was brought together to restore a balance of power so that no one country could be in a position to dominate Europe as Napoleon had. The major characters involved in the Congress of Vienna included Alexander, the current Czar of Russia, Tallyrand who represented France, Castlereagh the representation of Great Britain, and the man considered to be most important in the congress of Vienna, Metternich, the representation of Austria. Metternich (1773-1859) was a very pivotal figure. ...read more.


Castlereagh worked for the establishment of the United Netherlands and the German Confederation. He favored an independent Poland but was compelled to accept a re-division of the country. Tallyrand (1754-1838), previous to the Congress of Vienna, served Napoleon as foreign minister, however when Napoleon was defeated he began to work for the restoration of the Bourbon monarchy. He represented France in the Congress of Vienna. Tallyrand sought to remove France from the stigma of revolution and Napoleon, and restore respectability in the international area. The Czar, Alexander (1777-1825), represented Russia in the Congress of Vienna. He considered himself a savior of Europe. Diplomats were skeptical in trusting him and he was seen as mentally unstable and steeped into Christian mysticism. ...read more.


They had two aims- to secure the victors against France, and to destroy remnants of republicanism. They wanted to achieve balance of power however in doing so, they disregarded the growing sentiment of nationalism. They united different cultures against the wishes of the citizenry; incorporated patriotic poles into a hostile Russia; forced upon the Germans a confederation that was unsatisfactory; and they denied the Italia's a federal organization. They disregarded any principles that were too closely associated with the French Revolution, things such as: equality before law, and equitable taxation. They were completely indifferent to the needs of intellectual and religious liberty because it reminded them of the past horror of the revolution. However this only caused the people to feel the urge to rebel, eventually leading to the future terror of WWI. ...read more.

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