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The Democratic Example

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The democratic example WHATEVER race you descend from, be it Asian, African, or White, we all are subject to the laws passed by the few which we must abide by within a designated area. Iran, North Korea, China, Zimbabwe, Somalia to name but a few, are ruled by people that are not elected by a majority of the people. Yet who are we to decide that this is wrong? We have our own style of society and people in different parts of the world have theirs. Why is it that despite there being no immediate threat from Iraq in 2003 did we (against the United Nations decision, and despite the United Nations search teams for the weapons of mass destruction, not even finding a single weapon) decide to invade their country? What right did or do we have? Is this 'Democracy' that we supposedly have in the UK, a force for good? We are not quite as democratic as one would assume under the word 'democracy'. The 1215 signing of the Magna Carta was the start of when the head or monarch of the state would no longer have absolute control, that's not to say he/she did before the Magna Carta, but it was the start of the process towards a more democratic country than that of its pastimes. ...read more.


'Use the minority to save the majority' is their policy, not hypocritical at all when going in the name of individual "freedom" and "democracy" is it? War on terror, what iconic status it has these days. Why is it, only after September 11th 2001 America is against terrorism? Five-thousand people died, the majority being American. It's a tragic loss, yet why is it we herald these 3000 lives higher than others? Over 8,500 people die every day from just HIV around the world, 11,500 are infected every day. 11,000 die every day from smoking related diseases. 15,000 die every day from malaria. And a further 15,000 die every year from diarrhoea, tuberculosis, measles, whooping cough, tetanus, meningitis, and syphilis. 9/11 is only worth about 9% of the amount of people in one day that die every day as the result of those killers. The US money spent on 'defence' since 1990 is so vast that if you were to spend $1.8m every day since Jesus' birth, you would still be spending it today. Why not spend that money to combat disease, poverty, malnutrition, crime, and other noble causes? The same can be said for the amount of people that die every day from a explosion of a bomb, a bullet from a gun or the edge of a blade, these three things, in different quantities, have destroyed the lives of so many of our species. ...read more.


Is it not ironic those in charge, declaring themselves elected representatives have no checks on their authority? There is only one profession in the world which is not bound by laws to stop deception and lies, Members of Parliament. As the old Latin saying goes, Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? If democracy does exist today, then why does democracy feel the need to have such large arsenals or armies? Or sell such large quantities of weapons? The President of the United States will sell more weapons in one day than all the war lords will put together in an entire year. We should not want a Capitalist state, that creates extreme divides in the world between rich and poor, nor a Communist one, that makes a select few rich and the majority poor, we should be in a world where we have no need for war and that we all prosper on each others achievements, whatever we should have, it should most definitely not be what we have now. War is too profitable. Unless the Members of Parliament pass a bill rendering us pacifists, much like Japan, we will make war so that we may live in peace, in the future I can only hope we make peace so that we may live in peace. Democracy should not be enforced, it should be showcased. We should set the example. This example is something I hope will happen, and when I am old enough, something I am able to vote for. ...read more.

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