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The Galatic Assembly

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The Galatic Assembly: Consists of all factions - Law Enforcement Department Freedom Defence Corps, Brotherhood of the Shadows, Global Intelligence Service, Mercenaries of the Blood, Colonization and Mining Guild,EuroCore, Vortex Inc. The GA is sub-divided into 3 different groups: Secruity Council: Economics & Business (EAB) Commitee Political Commitee In those groups Senators will speak about the issues. After completion of a Postion Paper, or Thesis, resolutions created by a faction. Secondly, there will be a For Speech, which is ussaly made by the faction whom made the resolution, and then a against speech, this will happen only one more time until is voted on. ...read more.


Each delegate will act like a ambassador to the Galatic Assembly or GA in each conference. A delegate does not have to have experience in international relations. Anyone can participate and be selected to repersent their faction. So long as they have the ambition to work with people to try and make a difference in the Global Domionian. The Chairs: ??? The Secretary General: To be concluded The Chancellor: To be concluded Whom the Council and Commites consist of: The, Secruity Council: BoS, CMG, GIS, MoTB, FDC Economics & Business (EAB) Commitee: CMG, EC, VI Political Commitee: FDC (NVR), LED (NVR), GIS, BoS, GoM, MoTB The functions of each: The, Secruity Council: It has "primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security." ...read more.


President/Chansollor/ or Sectary General gives a opeing speech about todays topics (2 min Roll Call (10 min) Councils and COmmitees split up, (Log out, Log back into a secret location and meet a certain, designated penthouse or apartment) (Should take about 5-10 min) Short Break (4 Min) Postion Papers or Thesises (4 Min per Paper) Resolutions (Resolutions will not be read, unless the meeting was called up in a 1 day advance notice) (30 seconds) (EM 10-15 Min per Resolution) For Speech (6-10 Min) Agaist Speech (6-10 Min) For Speech (6-10 Min) - Optional Aganist Speech (6-10 Min) - Optional Voting - (10 min) Reopening of the GA (Log Out, Log Back in, should take about 5-10 min to get there) Resolutions will be presented (Each Con. or Com will have their passed resolutions presented to the GA 15-20 min) Voting (30 Min) ...read more.

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