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The Key to success of a pressure group lies in its membership base. Discuss

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?The Key to success of a pressure group lies in its membership base.? Discuss The success of a pressure group is dependent on many things such as philosophy, finance, insider status, celebrity status. Larger membership to a pressure group can often be associated with the degree of success a pressure group will have. A pressure group with a many members is a positive thing as it can promote its cause easily; larger pressure groups have more influence over the government as they represent a larger part of society. Despite this large pressure groups can also be of a hindrance a large pressure group needs some sort of hierarchy in order for the pressure group to be organised and execute various campaigns and publicity stunts. ...read more.


Fathers for Justice have caught the attention of the media on several occasions by doing various stunts such as climbing on top of the House of Commons. Whether a pressure group is an insider or an outsider is also very important, being an insider party is rather advantageous if the party is reliant on influencing legislation. For example Charter 88 wanted major constitutional reform and targeted various Labour Mps, this lead to it being on the 1997 labour manifesto, being an insider can lead to more direct action, something large membership base could be beneficial for due to the amount of connections people may have. ...read more.


An example of this is teachers unions; there are several teachers unions which have similar and opposing views which can make it difficult for a transparent in relation to a cause to emerge. Opposing views occur on petty issues such as phone confiscation all the way to the 2012 strikes on public sector pensions. The key to success does partially rely on its membership base, purely due to the fact that the membership base is where the power lies, the members generally have the finance and connections to implement change and influence others around them. However the membership base can only do so much, other factors can affect success such as the cause itself and the ability to gain media attention ...read more.

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