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The Palestinian Liberation Organisation.

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The Palestinian Liberation Organisation "Source A suggests that power can be increased through violent methods. Study sources A-C. How accurate is the interpretation described in source A when applied to the activities of the PLO since 1960?" This second part of the coursework will focus on the Palestinian Liberation Organisation, who they were, their activities and what they called for. The sources will also be analysed, and how precise source A is when functioned to the PLO will also be mentioned. The question of peace in the Middle East was complicated by the plight of the Palestinian refugees. Neighbouring Arab States did not want Palestinians to settle in their country as everlasting citizens. Instead these refugees were placed in refugee camps where conditions were of abject poverty. The UN tried to persuade Israel to allow them to return, but a few of these who had done so, had carried out attacks on the Jewish people and so was ineffective. In 1949, the UN Relief Works Agency (UNRWA) began to look after the refugee camps. Many Arab countries used the state of the refugee camps as a good propaganda weapon. ...read more.


The world watched on Television everyday and sympathy for the Israelis soon diminished. The PLO were forced out of Lebanon and moved to Tunisia. After leaving Lebanon Arafat was forced to re-think his methods. He wanted a compromise with Israel. However, he had to be extremely cautious to avoid appearing as a traitor to the rest of the Arab world. The powerful USA refused to deal with the PLO until it agreed to: - publicly rejecting the use of terrorism, recognising Israel, which meant to accept it's right to live, and also to accept the ideas behind Resolution 242 which stated that there could be an exchange of land for peace. In return to agreeing to these concessions the PLO would be allowed to negotiate which might lead to Palestinian control of the West Bank and Gaza. Jordan acted as a mediator in talks between the PLO and USA, however this came to nothing due to divisions amongst the PLO itself. In 1987 Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza began an uprising against the Israelis known as the 'Intifada'. The Intifada convinced Arafat that the time was right for the PLO to take control of the West Bank and Gaza as a Palestinian mini - state. ...read more.


The activities of the PLO included the hijacking of five aircraft and three of them were taken to an old RAF airstrip at Dawson's Field in Jordan. The PLO then blew up these aircraft which shocked the whole world. The actions of the PLO concerned the King of Jordan, King Hussein, very much as the three aircrafts were blew up in his country. He decided that the PLO should be cleaned from Jordan. After many days of fighting Arafat and the PLO were pushed out of Lebanon where they set up their new headquarters. For decades the world had not said if they were right or wrong in their doings. After the hijacking it has gained them huge publicity. The PLO mainly did these activities to gain the attention of and get noticed by. The PLO wanted to be noticed by the politics, again this refers to source 'A'. In conclusion, the PLO were terrorists in the early years, exactly in accordance with source 'A'. However soon later Arafat agreed to reject the use of terrorism and accepting Israel's right to exist and the terrorist attacks were soon given up. On the other hand groups such as the Hamas still exist who do not recognise Israel's right to exist. ...read more.

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