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The Party

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THE PARTY It was the last Friday of the summer term. The malicious sun was going down and could be seen clearly in the peach evening sky. It was Josh Murphy's birthday party. He was having a barbeque, and in the surrounding streets the sweet aroma's from the meat sizzling on the barbeque were being carried by the gentle breeze. The party was beginning to take shape; the music by now could be heard clearly by the neighboring houses. The party seemed to be hotting up well. People were getting into the groove, the atmosphere was full of relief, excitement and promise. Everyone looking forward to the holiday months, eager to have good time. ...read more.


Andrew gazed of her for what felt like an eternity. Upon looking around after his brief moment of paralysis Andrew noticed Dan appeared to be suffering form a similar fixation with the divine beauty. She also appeared to notice him as she too was looking at him in a similar way. Perhaps Dan's energetic out bursts attracted her to him or perhaps it was well brought up, clean cut with corn fed looks. Never the less it was obvious that there was chemistry between them. Dan had a cheeky (I've been bad) grin on his face while she was just looking radiant and curious. The rest of Amy's crowd were becoming restless and provoked by the music, which was dominant in the background. ...read more.


His every move was being monitored by Josh. He could be seen intermittently on the spiral staircase through the banisters all the way up to the landing, where Amy was visible. Almost like a bad dream, from the opposite direction, a rather drunken party reveler (some what worse for wear) collided into Dan. He emptied the whole content of his half empty beer can straight onto Dan's crotch and inner thigh leaving him mesmerized. The drunk made his brief excuses and retreated to get more refreshments no doubt. Dan decided he was unable to continue after one look at his trousers. It was apparent from the look of anguish and disgust on his face. After a moment of looking forward into the room which was containing an anxiously waiting Kim; Dan retreated hastily for the front door and promptly departed from the party. ...read more.

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