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the policy makers of ireland

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The policy makers of Ireland 1. What 3 groups could be considered as the main policy makers in the ROI? 2. Outline the processes involved in policy making. * Diagram-flow chart. * Written description. A. (1) The makers of much of Irish public policy are considered to be; * The members of government (cabinet, ministers of state). * The members of the dial and seanad. * Some senior civil servants, including temporary advisors and possible a few other public servants. A. (2) The phrase public policy defined means, a set of solid decisions taken by a political group relating to the selection of goals and the way of achieving them within a particular condition were these should in law be within the power of these actors to achieve. Public policy suggests broad rather than narrow, and general rather than detailed decisions. General courses of action sometimes emerge from many individual and specific decisions that in their total can be seen to fall into patterns which might suitably be called policies. ...read more.


The agreement to office of a new government is for the most part an event for climate setting, climate setting, influences the way in which particular issues are approached and the kind of measures which are positively regarded, but is to widespread an activity to produce specific policies. At such a time, civil servants wait for ministers to indicate what policies they will be pursuing and what there priorities will be. They have also to size up there new ministers and to asses there form and style. Setting the climate, identifying major objectives, and indicating priorities provide the framework within which policy is made. Measures still have to be made and choices completed to produce a working policy that a department or other public authority can put into practice. There are two distinct phases in producing such a policy. The first starts with collecting and appraising data, analysing problems, defining issues, and identifying and evaluating possible courses of action. ...read more.


Public policy-making in Ireland emerges as a complex process, but it involves reasonably few people, who operate against a background of comment, criticism, and advice in the media, and with the parameters of public opinion. Although the most trustworthy decision-makers - the government and the Oireachtas - are elected officials and the process involves discussions and negotiations with spokesmen who are in some sense representative of the groups for whom they speak, the way of doing things is far from being very open or democratic. Diagram * Making public policy includes deciding what matters are to be taken up and considered by authorise. * What is to be done about the problems, issues, or opportunities that are involved in these matters? * What steps are to be taken to achieve the objectives that are decided upon? * How motions or draft legislation is to be put before the Oireachtas are to be made. * How bills are to be processed through the dail and the seanad. * These policies are to be further developed in an implementation stage to produce outputs. ...read more.

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