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The Six Day War

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3. The Israelis had won each of 1956, 1967 and 1973 successfully in the wars against the Arabs. In the war of 1956, the British and the French supported the Israelis as an act of revenge against the Arabs for nationalising the Suez Canal. Nasser took over the canal after Britain and France ithdrew offers to finance the construction of the Aswan Dam. Britain believed that that if Nasser was not stopped he would continue with what they thought was 'aggression' .The British and the French had secret meetings with the Israelis leaders in Paris and discussed a decision of making a joint attack on Egypt as an excuse to occupy the Suez Canal. The Israelis were supplied with weapons, aircraft's and soldiers by the British and the French. This made the Israelis strong and when they made a surprise raid attacking the unprepared Egyptians, they easily seized the Gaza Strip and the Sinai Peninsula in a few days. ...read more.


As this war was a surprise attack on the Arabs, and with the Israelis modern training and constant supply of modern arms, this made Israel victorious. In 1973, President Nasser died and was replaced by Anwar Saddat, who like President Nasser was an Arab nationalist and so he joined with Syria and started another war and this time the Arabs attacked Israel. This time round the USSR gave more weapons to compensate for the two previously defeated wars, just so that they could win. The war started on "Yom Kippur" a holy Jewish occasion. This was the main reason why the Arabs lost as on such a holy day all the soldiers were on holiday at home with their families. This may seem like a good idea but it was actually the reason behind the Arabs downfall in this war. As the soldiers were sitting at home they were easily contacted and alerted for duty. ...read more.


This shows the selfishness of President Nasser whose main aim was to become leader. This also shows lack of military plan. The Israelis mainly won in 1973 because America supplied them with the latest weapons worth $2.2 billion and because all the soldiers were at home with their families and soldiers were able to get to the battlefield faster. Unlike the Arabs who couldn't recover in 1967 even though they had a large army the Israeli's were able to recover when the Arabs carried out a surprise attack in 1973, this was because the Israelis were trained and had a military leader and military tactics. This was an advantage for them. Israel won all three wars with the help of their weapons and modern training. They also stroke the Arabs when they least expected it. Although the Arabs had a lot of military strength they were not trained for war. The Arabs should have learned from the mistakes they made before but in 1973 they lost their final war. This was when the Arabs were forced to accept that they would never regain their own rightful land. ...read more.

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