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There will never be a free and independent Kurdistan

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There will never be a free and independent Kurdistan For the past century, the Kurds have become the world's largest ethnic minority without a state to call it's own. The desire for an independent Kurdistan has only created more conflict for an already tremulous region. The Kurdish people live primarily in Turkey, Iran and Iraq. Kurds in Iraq have been subject to mass genocide, victims of Saddam Hussein's biological and chemical weaponry. Kurds in Turkey are forbidden to speak in their own language. Kurds in Iran are exempt from holding government positions. Such subjugation is not without reason. This essay explains why there will never be the formation of a free and independent Kurdistan. Certainly, looking at the current state of matters, the end does not seem to be anywhere near. However, incorrigible optimists may claim, that the possibility of American intervention into Saddam's Iraq, will indefinitely improve the Kurdish situation. Note that this essay does not aim to debate the merits of whether there should or should not be an independent Kurdistan. ...read more.


History does not automatically grant one the permission to build a nation. As in Kurdistan, there are prominent issues that will stand in the way. This matter then leads us into the political factor of why a free Kurdistan will not exist. Some may declare that the world is siding with the Kurdish People. After Saddam Hussein's widely publicized genocide program against Iraqi Kurds, the USA and its allies helped to establish a safe haven in Northern Iraq. The UN claimed this area as a no-fly zone, out of bounds for Saddam's forces. It was here that the Kurds achieved a diminutive amount of autonomy, though nowhere near to becoming an independent state. The situation may seem hopeful in light of such support. But we must learn to distinguish Iraqi Kurds from its Turkish neighbors. World superpower, the USA, only backed Iraqi Kurds because they were not in good standing with Saddam's Iraq. Their offer of aid was only granted under egocentric purposes. On the other hand, Turkey is a NATO ally. ...read more.


Kurdistan is a strategically important area for both Turkey and Iraq because it contains indispensable oil and water resources. Trade in the area has been stagnant for the last decade or so, due to the UN trade embargo imposed upon Iraq in 1991. If there was to be a free Kurdistan, then the area will develop into a flourishing center for commerce. A prosperous and self-sufficient Kurdistan would then pose as a direct threat against its once brutal, oppressive neighbors. At this point, any nearby country will take careful precautions not to let the above scenario become a reality. At this moment, the world is dominated by material wealth, and unfortunately for the Kurds, it's in the hands of those who denounce a free Kurdistan. The USA, Turkey, Iraq, Iran...where do the Kurdish people stand along this ladder of political hierarchy? The above facts have proved that they are at the very bottom. The cruel realism about life in this world is that evolution does not, and will never permit a free and independent Kurdistan. Why should it? When these dissidents are sandwiched between a tortured existence, and after decades of struggle, a dying faith in life itself. ...read more.

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