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To what extent has September 11th affected the peace process in the Middle East?

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Holly Marshall 11CE To what extent has September 11th affected the peace process in the Middle East? Peace; Calm, freedom from strife and war, tranquillity. A million miles away from the devastation and conflict of a country that has been at war within itself for generations. But peace is what so many people are trying to accomplish. The United Nations is an organisation that began after the Second World War. It was set up to prevent such an event from ever happening again. The UN contains representatives from nearly every country in the world who work together in order to obtain world peace. One of the peacekeeping missions that the UN works on is the conflict in the Middle East between Israel and Palestine. The peacekeeping efforts in the Middle East are called the peace process. ...read more.


America has a substantially large Jewish population. In order to ensure the support and votes of those people George Bush is backing Israel in their war with Palestine. I have drawn this conclusion from numerous sources all of which say that 'America backs Israel'. These sources are also not all from a like point of view. This makes the conclusion less likely to be biased. America has traditionally supported Israel in their plight but now more than ever. The Palestinians are not fortunate enough to have the backing of a world super power. They are becoming increasingly more desperate in the war for 'their' homeland. As weapons of mass destruction, guns and tanks are not provided for the Palestinians some take matters into their own hands. ...read more.


Israel is by no means an innocent party in this war. Although they may not resort to terrorist actions Israel has still caused grief and terror by their actions. They have bombed many towns and villages killing many civilians as well as military people. Since the terrorist actions in America Israel has had extra outside support in their war. If it were not for September eleventh the peace process may be a lot further than it is. The Israelis may not have the upper hand and the Palestinians may not be as desperate. The UN might have found a solution to the problems and many more lives could have been saved. As it stands none of this has happened and although times are better now than in past years there does not appear to be a peaceful solution on the horizon. All that we can do is pray for the innocent victims and hope that a cease-fire and peace are on the horizon. ...read more.

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