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To what extent have amendments to the Constitution made it more democratic?

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To what extent have the amendments to the constitution made it more democratic? To be democratic in the USA can mean one of two things. Firstly, the democratic in the political ideology of maintaining a democracy or social equality. The power is with the many, and not the few. Methods of achieving this is a free vote for every citizen and either electing representatives or directly decision making by the public. Secondly, the Democratic Party is one of the biggest political parties in the world and is one of the two parties dominating USA politics. For the purpose of answering this question, the first definition is required and the constitution being democratic would mean maintaining a democracy. The USA constitution is codified; a single entrenched document written in 1787 and ratified in 1788. ...read more.


Those three amendments were the fifteenth, nineteenth and twenty-sixth amendments. In 1870, the fifteenth amendment was ratified. The amendment declared race or colour could not be used as criteria when voting. This took some discriminative factors away from the constitution and therefore, made it more democratic by giving more people a free vote. Women were still being discriminated against and it wasn't until the nineteenth amendment came into force in 1920, that gender biased was removed. Like the fifteenth amendment, the nineteenth amendment removes some of the discrimination of US politics and promotes democracy in the US by giving more people the vote. The twenty-sixth amendment lowered the voting age to 18. This gave more people the vote. Before these three amendments, only those with white skin; were male and over the age of 21 could vote. ...read more.


This amendment ensured that states could not link the payment of tax with the right to vote. So, if taxes are not paid by a citizen then that citizen must still retain the right to vote. The right to a free vote is a democratic must. This amendment improved democracy in the United States. Brought into force in 1913 was the 17th amendment to the constitution. No longer could states elect members of the Senate. The passing of this amendment gave the public the right to vote for their elected Senator. Giving more political positions elected status, ensures the public have the choice of those representing them and promotes democracy. The last seventeen amendments to the constitution have promoted a more democratic constitution by including more people in the US political process and ensuring that the represented are having a free vote for who their representative is. Jamie Boote US Politics: Constitution ...read more.

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